Tattoos are awesome! Some people hate it. And most people love it, even though they may not be having one. Every individual has a different but special reason behind those beautiful tattoos on their bodies. Since every tattoo signifies something, there is one great thing about people with tattoos. They are passionate. So much passionate about something in life that they chose to ignore the pain of getting it inked on their body.

Tattoos and travel – they just make the greatest combo! Isn’t it? And when you ink the spirit of your wanderlust, it never lets you settle until you get your boots dirty for one more time, and then one more time!

Here are some of the travel inspired tattoos we found on the internet.



61-year-old Bill Passman got a blank world map tattooed on his back and keeps on filling the countries with colors once he visits them. Interesting!


A compass and a passport stamp. How cool is it?


The message in a bottle…


Emily Mason’s real passport stamps from places she has been to.


Needs no explanation.


Yes! Not all those who wander are lost.


So true. There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.


Wherever the winds of wanderlust take me to…


To everywhere I belong…


Memories to look back…


The sailor in you…


And miles to go before you sleep…


The minimalist. Explore life. Go. Just travel…

Itched to get one on your body? Which tattoo you liked the best?

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