When you take care of small things, big things fall in place– this is something we all have heard at some point or the other in our lives but forgot to practice it. Experience makes you wise, careful and fearless, but does it also teach about happiness?

Well, there is nothing sadder than a man without passion or interests, particularly those who consider it unnecessary when it comes to living life to the fullest. Why not let go of things that make you feel pressured and instead choose something you love and plan your whole life around it?

In a free-flowing conversation with Life Beyond Numbers, the founder of Travel Troovel, Arunima Gairotra says, “Hobbies are like creative outlets, in case you have forgotten about them while climbing the corporate ladder, you need to find a way to detangle them and bring back happiness in your life.”

Travel Troovel founders

Akanksha Trehan (L) and Arunima Girotra (R) – TravelTroovel founders

Why TravelTroovel is different

TravelTroovel was founded in 2016 with the idea to reunite people with their hobbies while they are on their vacation or planned trips. The customized theme based trips let people have their me time in this fast-paced world.

A media graduate, Arunima (26) hails from Dwarka in South West Delhi and her sister-in-law, Akasnsha Trehan (30), who is also the co-founder of this company, has joined her 6 months after it started.

The initiative started with a casual discussion amid family members. “We were discussing how people don’t get to do what they love because of their urban lifestyle and we wanted to do something about that. Hence we started teaming hobbies with travel. It’s simple! If you want to be happy, you need to spend time doing things you love,” says Arunima.

Currently, they have 2 interns working with them and a few who believe in their ideology have also joined them on a voluntary basis.

Why reconnecting with your hobbies is essential?

Taking out time for self is essential. However, people are busy climbing the corporate ladder and this is the reason they are not happy and contented in their life. Success doesn’t mean having enough balance in your bank account, it means knowing ways to become happy and enjoy life to the fullest.

Travel Troovel experience

TravelTroovel – Making hobbies fun again

Currently, 700 people are associated with this travel company. Arunima says, “During weekends we have 3-hour sessions where we tell people about the importance of such trips. Usually, young people, 25 and above, approach us regarding these trips but there are also women above 40, opt for hobby-based trips to rejuvenate themselves.”

In a few years, we want to make this global so that we can spread this idea to people across the world. We are now limited to 7-9 trips a year and focus mainly on Northern and Western states of India.

“While I was in school, a lot of importance was given to creativity. This is something I loved since my childhood days. I like to indulge in art and craft and create something beautiful from something ordinary,” she recalls.

The number of travels is increasing with each passing year. “We take these people to music studios, show them how to record a song, use musical instruments. Same with art-themed trips. We take them to villages, exhibitions, where they get to talk to rural artisans, learn the craft from them. It is like learning from the lion how to hunt,” she concludes.

Apart from this, their theme-based trips includestorytellers’ trip to Landour (Mussoorie), music trip to Guhagar, a Beach pe Beats at the Konkan coast and trip to Andretta village in Himachal Pradesh, which is artists’ colony.

If you feel the need to rekindle your hobbies and also have itchy feet, find them on facebook or on Instagram to know more about the venture and their customized trips.

There is more to life than just having a fat bank balance. Take a pause, reconnect with your inner child to embrace life and find happiness again.