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10 Reasons Why There Can Be No Movie Like Wake Up Sid!

Seldom comes a movie which strikes all the right chords and connects with every audience. These movies are something we keep going back to, and wouldn’t mind coming home to, at the end of a hectic day. They are like a companion and our emotions gel up so well that we can never get bored of watching them time and again. Wake Up Sid is one of those masterpieces and has the potential to refresh your minds.

Here are 10 reasons why Wake Up Sid can do wonders to your pissed off mood.

1. It teaches you to look at the simple pleasures of life.

enjoy small moments of life

Wake Up Sid is the movie that teaches us to focus on the little and simple things in life that will bring a smile on our face. Be it the late night outing at Marine Drive or the birthday cup of tea on the terrace. This is what we call bliss!

2. Konkona Sen Sharma is an absolute delight.

Wake Up Sid konkona sen sharma

We still cannot imagine anyone else as Aisha Banerjee, the ambitious writer. She put life and soul in each frame of the movie and Iktara wouldn’t have acquired such a cult status without her.

3. Mumbai is the hero.

wake up sid mumbai

When I watched the movie for the first time, the first thought that crossed my mind was that only someone who loves the city to the core can portray it as the protagonist in a commercial Hindi movie. The Mumbai bug had bitten me hard and today, here I am in the City of Dreams.

4. The soul stirring music.

The music is so pleasing to the ears and the mind that one can keep listening to it day in and day out and yet not get bored. Iktara obviously tops the chart, but Life is Crazy, Aajkal  Zindagi, the title track, Boondon ke Moti are equally life changing. No, not an exaggeration!

5. It shows us how you need not fit in the society and yet you can find your ground.

Sid was an overgrown male kid who was eight at heart. But he did not need to change himself to be loved and wanted. We do not have to fit the bill to be accepted.

6. The movie teaches us that there are unconventional career choices to make.

do what you are passionate about

And how we loved the magazine office. This movie taught us to break the stereotype and chase our dreams.

7. The cinematography puts a smile.

It is very rare that we fall in love with the hustle bustle of a city as busy as Mumbai, but such was the magic woven by the camera that we could not help but love every bit of it.

8. The Ranbir – Konkona chemistry.

10 Reasons Why There Can Be No Movie Like Wake Up Sid!

The bonding they shared as roommates was so sweet and simple that we all wanted a roommate from the opposite gender who would work in the same office as us!

9. Mumbai rains.

mumbai rain wake up sid

And we all thought it was irritating! The way the camera romances the rains is incredible. Never before I had seen someone interpret the Mumbai rains with such romanticism.

10. Ranbir is a total eye candy.

wake up sid ranbir kapoor

Who can forget the scene when Ranbir appears in a crisp white short and just steals away our hearts? Wake Up Sid is always going to be the next best film of his career after Barfi, of course.

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