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Wherever your eye can see, you are likely to see an ad. Some may be sexist, boring or plain stupid! While ad makers always find a way to everywhere, sensible ads seem scarce! But don’t lose hope yet as some of the industry’s best minds have worked for days, spent infinite hours to craft beautiful videos that will leave you entertained as well as inspired for sure.

Here are 10 brands, from the narrow world of product marketing, who are breaking barriers by delivering powerful ads with social messages.

1. Pledge to Donate your Organ

  • With nearly 5 lakh people dying in India due to organ unavailability, this one will literally touch your heart. This heart-touching ad by P D Hinduja Hospital sends a thought-provoking message in a unique way. Insaan Badal Gaya par DIL to wahi hain na!
  • Centre of Sight initiative’s Tujhe kisi ki #NazarLagJaye ad campaign urges you to become an EYE donor because 12 million people in India are waiting for cornea transplant today.

2. Speak Up Against Sexual Harassment at workplace

  • HER – produced by Bombay Diaries, focusses on the issue of sexual harassment in workplaces. Produced under the banner Hum movies- the ad says, this time let the voice be yours. If anyone at the workplace harasses you, you know what to do!
  • MORNING MANJU– If you come from a disadvantaged section of the society- be it, your caretaker or domestic helper, doesn’t mean someone has the right to rob them of their dignity. One tight slap to those who don’t understand consent! Kahani Kaisi Lagi Bataiyega Zaroor!

3. Technology can be Useful and Harmful

  • Voice Forever– Wouldn’t it be nice if Voice can live forever? Samsung is developing the first realistic personalized AI Voice Assistant for an MND (Motor Neuron Disease) patient, who lost the ability to speak or move. The beautiful and intriguing ad shows that your loved one’s voice can live forever.
  • It’s In Your Hands- Usage of technology is absolutely in your hands and it can save or destroy nature, so use it smartly says Huawei’s new ad. This one is thought-provoking and is a must watch!

4. The Beauty of Adoption

Inspired by a true story, Vicks India’s Touch of Care ad sensitizes people about a rare disease Ichthyosis. It is not infectious and there is no cure for it. A disease can be part of one’s life, not their identity. Take a decision to adopt a child today and ask yourself Kya ye humari nehi ban sakti?

5. When Sports Unites us all

Also inspired by a true story, #TheRealKashmir Football Club ad gives us hope in times of hatred and violence. Adidas’ beautiful ad shows why football is more than a game. It is a power that unites us all. Football ki shor me Kashmir Ki Awaz Ek Hain.

6. Love is Love

Age is just a number and gender doesn’t matter, neither does history nor geography of an individual because love is love and  #PyaarKiyaToDarnaKya. This beautiful add by Star India celebrates love and documents people who have found their soulmates beyond boundaries.

7. Treating Woman as Equal

Ab is Ghar Mein Khana Khaogi #PehleTum–  This thought-stirring ad by Dalda Ghee shows that in many Indian homes, women eat after men. Even though no one knows why, but this has been followed over the years in the name of tradition and it needs to change now! So whenever you sit for our meal, let us make sure to ask our woman  #PehleTum.

According to a marketing firm Yankelovich Inc., the average modern person is exposed to around 5,000 ads per day. Wait! That is the 2006 report. Only God knows where the count has reached now.

In case you are doubting the availability of sensible people around you, these brave and beautiful ads will restore your faith in humanity, will surely leave you inspired and give you the courage to stand up for yourself!