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It is that time of the year when sticking to your new year resolution looks tougher than cracking UPSC Civil Services Exam.

While we all know the reality behind our resolutions and still hope to stick to them for a little longer, here are few hilarious tweets that will make sure that you enter 2019 with a big smile!

1. Looks like the plan didn’t work out!

2. Cheers to Family time!

3. You can earn $5 if she gets into a serious relationship-

4. Innovative, eh?

5. If you have irritable owl syndrome, take care of it!

6. No one thought about this one before!

7. Junk food lovers who want to stay fit!

8. All the best!

9. Sleeping always tops the list!

10. What’s your plan?

What’s your #NewYearResolution2019?