Whether you want to go horse riding or go on a sunset cruise, Florida is packed with such fun-filled activities. Also known as ‘sunshine state’, Florida is famous for its spectacular beaches. Thus, it has a myriad of water activities.

If you are someone who loves fishing, sunset cruises or simply boating, in general, you can contact Anna Maria Boat Tours to book your favorite type of boating adventure. This state is a naturally blessed playground, waiting to get exploited. Focusing on its main attraction, the beaches here are some of the best beaches and underwater activities which you have to try!

image source: Pixabay

If you are a tourist visiting Florida or if you live there and are looking for a fun-filled weekend, here are some of the best fun experiences you should not miss while in Florida.

1. Dive into underwater adventures

Leave the kayak behind and treat yourself by diving underwater into the blue. You should try diving at the Leo key national marine sanctuary, which is a spot where more than 150 species of marine animals can be found.

At the crystal river in Citrus country, you can avail of more information about the rare ‘ sea cow’ from any local guide. Want to swim with the turtles? You can visit the west palm beach between May and September and dive into the blues and swim alongside the turtles that migrate during that time of the year! You can get all of these activities from Anna Maria’s Sunset Cruise.

If you are an experienced diver you can try diving in the wrecks of the Emerald Coast.

Which is yet another scenic place where you can explore the virgin beauty of underwater marine life.

2. Discover the coast on horseback

Exploring places in cars and buses are getting pretty old!

Stay on the shore and get enchanted by the mesmerizing Florida coastline. Inhale the beauty of the rolling dunes and explore the Amelia island on a horse riding adventure. At Cape San Blas, you can take a sunrise or sunset horse ride and appreciate nature’s magic.

3. Go fishing on a boat

There are various Island boat tours and adventures available for you to choose from. However, if you love fishing then you need to visit www.islandboattours.com right now and book yourself a fishing boat tour.

You can take up a 5-hour long boat ride which will provide you with a memorable fishing trip with your family or friends. The Florida gulf waters will provide you with the perfect opportunity to catch that trophy fish. You can use your tackle or use the ones provided by the boat operators. Island boat tours provide their bait as well as artificial lures.

4. Go for a sunset cruise

There are numerous ways of making the most out of sunset tours. However, one of the most favorite ways among thousands of people is – taking up a sunset cruise.

One of the most popular destinations known for its surreal sunsets is Anna Maria Island. You will have the time of your life as you enjoy the breathtaking view of the sky as you sip your cocktail.

During this tour, you will encounter a variety of Florida’s wildlife including the lovely dolphins. As the sun disappears into the clouds and settles down on the horizon, the sky looks as if it has been painted!

This will be the highlight of your entire Florida trip.

5. Take an under-sea-walk

Now that you have experienced diving underwater, how about you try walking undersea. As crazy as it sounds, undersea walking is walking on underwater surrounded by marine life.

You will be provided with a helmet which will help you to breathe normally when you are under pressure. This walk is very popular among the non-swimmers. You can also take your mobiles with you but just make sure that they are covered in a plastic pouch which you can buy from the beach.