When I was planning my Bali trip last November, one question almost everybody asked me was, “Are you going there with your boyfriend?”. However, the ones who knew I’m not, asked: “Why aren’t you going there with him?

Sometimes, choosing to take a holiday with your girlfriends is way better than with your boyfriend. It’s as holistic as it gets! Here’s why…

girlfriends traveling together

Unlike the common notion, no judgments are passed

When you are with your girls, no one will judge you for being overdressed or under-dressed. You can dress as you please and take your own sweet time to get ready. If you don’t play dress up on a holiday, when will you?

You get to take charge for once

The guys always like to take charge and decide everything as they wish. From waking up to sleeping, you and your girls are in charge of every place you want to visit, everything you want to eat and everything you want to do!

Even the long photo sessions without the constant tantrums!

The power of independence

If you want to experience true independence, the next best option after a solo trip is an ‘all girls trip’. The guys are always the ones carrying your luggage around and protecting you generally. That’s not the case when you are on a girls’ trip. You fight the unknown and find out solutions for unseen challenges on your own. What’s a better way to gain confidence and boost your self-esteem?

Stalk and talk as you please

For once, you don’t have to be extra goody-goody around your guy. You’re in an unknown land, young and wild. The least you’re licensed to do without breaking your loyalty is to stalk the hot guys around you. And once done, of course, gossip about it! After all, it doesn’t feel complete without the gossip sessions!

Deep life and love conversations

girlfriends traveling together

Face it, no matter what they say, guys are seldom up for having intense conversations about life and love on the seashore or a mountain peak of an unknown land. Your girls, however, will almost always be in the mood for it.

Me time

If you are someone who needs their solitude, especially on a holiday, choose to take that holiday with your girlfriends. When you are with your boyfriend, you’re not going to get to have your “me-time” so easily. It’ll always end up into “Is there something wrong?” or “Why don’t you spend all your time with me?

Guys need their space, but if we ask for ours, it always ends up being taken in a wrong way. And you surely do not want to get into that situation on every holiday!

No matter how great our boyfriends are and how much fun it is to spend time with them, it is hard to deny that what happens on a girls’ trip can’t happen anywhere else.

So girls, when are you planning to escape with your girlfriends the next time? Don’t forget to book your ideal hotel well in advance at the lowest price possible.

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