If you like a little thrill and aren’t afraid to travel then you’ll be wanting to check out some of the following places.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you’ll find it hard to explain some of the events you witness and you’ll certainly be left feeling chilled to the bone!

spookiest places to visit in the world

image source: ghostwalkbrighton.co.uk

1. The Stanley Hotel – Estes Park in Colorado

This impressive looking hotel is actually where the movie The Shining was filmed. If that’s not spooky enough then try taking some pictures while you’re on the tour, it’s highly likely that you’ll see orbs in the pictures.

It is said that many people have died in the hotel throughout the years and their ghosts like to make sure you enjoy your stay. The good news is that the ghosts are friendly if a little unnerving.

2. Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum – Las Vegas, Nevada

In the 1970s this particular building was discovered to have human blood, flesh, and a pentagram. That was enough to deem it haunted and this museum is now a testimony to the fact.

Not only will you feel the spirits of lives long since passed, but you’ll also get to look through 30 rooms of bone-chilling artifacts including the demonic chair used for Ed and Lorraine Warren exorcisms.

3. The Rocks, Sydney

Take a trip around the Rocks with ghost tours Sydney and discover some haunting, spooky facts about this area. It’s a walking tour that lasts approximately 90 minutes if you want to feel impressed and in awe opt for a day-time tour.

But, if you want to really feel the fear, take the evening tour when it’s dark and it gets a lot more spooky. Just make sure you have someone to cling to!

4. London Tour

Jack the Ripper is famous around the world and with good reason, he killed a lot of people in various macabre ways. You can walk the city streets, following his footsteps to discover where the victims were discovered and hear all the gruesome facts.

Don’t be surprised when you feel the presence of the victims with you in the dark streets.

5. Ararat Lunatic Asylum, Australia

This is the largest abandoned lunatic asylum in Australia and was home to patients that were deemed incurable during the 1800s. It was open for 140 years and it’s estimated that in excess of 13,000 people died here.

You can visit the place today and experience the asylum as well as the surrounding town, which has become a ghost town, eerie, forbidding, and haunted.

Be prepared to be chilled to the bone.

6. Zvikov Castle, Czech Republic

Stories about a supernatural being haunting people date back to 1st century BC and have been linked with engraved stones at the castle. You can tour the castle and your photos will have unexpected issues, the animals will behave weirdly, and fires will be instantaneously and mysterious extinguished.

But, more chilling is not the presence of all the ghosts, it’s the fact that anyone who sleeps in the main tower dies within a year.

If you’re feeling brave, you can try it….