A report published by International Federation of Robotics research says, robot sales in India is increased by 27 percent to a new peak of 2,627 units in India, which is almost same as Thailand.

India is still catching up with the new age technology as compared to other countries- be it artificial intelligence or robotics, but that has not stopped it from experimenting with new ideas.

Due to growing interests about humanoid robots in the country, government and Indian start-ups are working at a fast pace to integrate new technologies. Also, a report by another survey claims that India ranks third in implementing robotic automation.

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There are few noteworthy humanoid robots that are designed and developed in India.

DRDO’s Daksh

This robot was developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and was inducted by Indian Army around 2011. It is primarily designed to detect and recover Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). The currents reports state that 20 Daksh robots are already being used by the Indian Army.

daksh drdo robot


The X-ray vision in Daksh can easily identify a hazardous object and can also diffuse it with a jet of water. It can perform complex tasks such as climbing a staircase, negotiating cross-country terrains, towing a suspected vehicle away from a crowded area. This one has also got an upgrade in 2015 and has now become lighter, 3-times faster and rugged than its previous model. Further, the makers have induced it with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazard detection mechanism. It is made of aluminum alloy which also adds to its sturdiness and makes it light-weighted.


If you go to HDFC Branch in Mumbai, chances are that you will be greeted by a glossy white interactive humanoid called IRA (Intelligence Robotics Assistant). Last year, IRA 1.0 was launched by HDFC bank. Following the footsteps, recently, an advanced version of IRA was also launched in the bank’s Koramangala Branch in Bengaluru.

ira hdfc robot

IRA at your service

A blend of the former model and EVA (Electronic Virtual Assistant), IRA 2.0 has been programmed to answer frequently asked questions by the customers as well as assist them to the correct counter according to their requirements.

In collaboration with its technology partner Invento Makerspaces and Sensorforth Technologies, IRA 2.0 has been created by HDFC Bank and claims that it is the first bank in India use a humanoid robot to provide customer service.


Looking for smart interaction? Mitra can help you for sure! This is the first indigenously built, five feet-tall humanoid robot and is made of fiberglass. It can also greet people as it is programmed for using contextual help, autonomous navigation and facial and speech recognition.


Mitra with Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Ivanka Trump

You need not worry if there is a difficulty of speech, the touchscreen on its chest lets you interact in a trouble-free manner. With a single charge, it can work for straight 8 hours. Further, it can also understand multiple languages.

Last year in 2017, Mitra was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Ivanka Trump, First at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) conference. This humanoid robot was developed by a Bengaluru-based robotics startup Invento Robotics.

If you are a movie buff, you can see Mitra chatting with people in PVR Cinemas in Bengaluru. Apart from that, one can also find it in the corridors of Canara Bank. Mitra can also come handy when you are planning a party and the best part is the start-up can customize the robot according to your needs.


This life-sized robot is the brainchild of Hyderabad-based AI and ML startup H-Bots Robotics. This is basically a police robot and is designed to assist in handling the law, order, and traffic management.

Equipped with cameras and an array of numerous sensors like ultrasonic, proximity and temperature sensors- it can protect secure places like offices, malls, airports, signal posts and other public spaces. It can diffuse bombs too.


Weighing 2 kilos, this two-foot-tall robot is India’s first 3D-printed humanoid robot. Once you command, the inbuilt vision, as well as sound processing ability in the robot, allows it to talk, walk and dance.

manav robot India


This robot was primarily meant for research related purposes and is available for research institutes that have robotics as a subject of study. Manav is developed by Delhi’s A-SET Training and Research Institute. While the parts of Manav are made in India, the outer frame of this humanoid robot is made of plastic and was 3D printed from A-SET’s own 3D printing venue, Buildkart Retail.

If football lovers can get access to this, surely they will never let it go! Apart from performing activities like headstands and push-ups, it can also play football. What’s more? It can also respond like a human child. With a single charge, it can work for an hour and it comes with WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity and has a lithium polymer battery.


Kempa robot


If you are visiting Bengaluru airport, there are chances that you may soon be greeted by a special robot assistant called KEMPA. This humanoid robot was designed to suit the needs of the Kempegowda International Airport. This little bot assistant can answer queries of confused passengers in English and Kannada.

KEMPA is built on AI by a Bengaluru-based startup Sirena Technologies and is designed and manufactured in Bengaluru. It can also engage in casual conversation with the passengers, provide flight and check-in details and other information about flights. There are still numerous changes made before the official launch of KEMPA.


To improve customer experience, a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, Vistara has developed a unique artificial intelligence-based robot called RADA, which can automate simple tasks and interact with passengers.



In a statement released by Vistara, RADA is likely to be placed at Vistara’s Signature Lounge from 5 July 2018, at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport’s Terminal 3. It is programmed to assist customers before they board their flights and it will also help promote Vistara’s product and services with the help of distinct messages recited by the bot.

To make it fully functional in future, little changes are to be made in this humanized robot. Designed by a team of technology experts and apprentices from Tata Innovation Lab along with students of reputed institutions, this one will cater to all the emerging future trends.

It is conceived, designed and engineered by its team of with support from students of reputed institutions. It can rotate 30 degrees and is built on a chassis of four wheels. For cognitive interaction, there are three inbuilt cameras and is induced with voice technology.


Created by researcher Santosh Vasudeo Hulawale, this one is the tallest humanoid robot built in India. INDRO is an autonomous robot, which was made inside a house with easily available, simple and low-cost material like- aluminum, cardboard, wood, plastic etc.

INDRO robot


It is designed for entertainment, education and a few household works. This robot can be controlled manually and has 31 motors. Apart from performing actions like a human, it can also carry or lift objects weighing up to 2 kilos with its hands.

According to a report, in India, there are 3 robots per 10,000 employees. Even though the robotics industry in this country is lagging behind than South Korea, US, Japan and China; the question is when you have artificial intelligence in your grip, can miracles be far away?