Stephen Wiltshire can look at an object, or even a city skyline just once and draw it from memory with astonishingly precise accuracy and detail. And Stephen is autistic! Yeah, you read it right – he is autistic and in fact he was mute until age five! Stephen was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his services to art in 2006. He has gained worldwide popularity for his amazing ability, and he also has a permanent gallery on the Royal Opera Arcade in London.

Stephen Wiltshire created a 50-foot long panoramic memory drawing of New York skyline after just one helicopter ride to have a look at it. The drawing is now displayed on a giant billboard at John F. Kennedy International Airport. This was done as a part of a global advertising campaign for the Swiss bank UBS with the theme – “We will not rest”.

“Do the best you can, and never stop!”, says Stephen. Watch this amazing video:

Source: Stephen Wiltshire