Women are the most powerful force on the planet, and that needs no validation – just a shift in human perception is all needed. Indeed, women are the cornerstone of human civilization. And the real empowerment of women starts in their individual and ultimate well-being.

“For a woman who is strong and healthy on the outside just as well as she is on the inside, no challenge is too big, and no opportunity is out of reach.”, says Vikram Dutta, Wellness Coach and founder of CurveStrength – A holistic health coaching service for women.

Vikram who has done extensive training, study and practice for certification in yoga teaching and also a certified Master Fitness Trainer from K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences has founded CurveStrength, that aims to bring holistic wellness to women through a completely customized and result-oriented approach.

Also a diet and nutrition consultant, which forms the core of his practice; Vikram has been teaching fitness science at India’s most respected fitness academies for years now, and also lectures at various yoga centers and institutes.

He is an ardent follower and proponent of healthy living through the yoga way of life, physically active lifestyle, and right eating habits. Being a student of psychology and spirituality, and a true seeker, Vikram brings a totally unique angle to approaching health, wellness and happiness.

In a candid interview, Vikram Dutta talks about CurveStrength, the kind of work they do, future plans and lots more…

Inception of CurveStrength

CurveStrength is the result of many years of dedicated work, designed and developed with the scientific know-how curvestrengthand practical experience of working in the wellness space. I tied up with my long-time friend, and now business associate, Leon Kaushik, founder & CEO of CollabX Networks to develop the service that is CurveStrength, a tailor-made and customized wellness solution for women.

We started by looking at the big problem that women face today when they are looking for solutions to meet their wellness goals. So many options are out there, and a lot of people are doing amazing jobs, but still the confusion is there. What to do, where to start, how to go about it, are still common hurdles. We wanted to start at the core of it – the approach. That’s our differentiator, if one may. The questions – How we approach our wellness goals, and how well informed are we while doing that – lies at the core of the development process of CurveStrength.

CurveStrength is not just a wellness services providing platform, but a complete wellness system based on science where there are no guess works for the client.

Yes, people do use a lot of guess work while trying out different fitness programs, which is not just ineffective but also can be dangerous.

CurveStrength aims to bring beautiful curves back to the women while they acquire the strength, both physical and mental, to take on the world. Yet, we at CurveStrength, know that the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body is her smile! 

CurveStrength – Wellness For Women!

CurveStrength is a complete wellness consulting and training service, specifically designed and developed for women. We start with a free consulting for a full hour, or more if required, to all our clients. All queries are answered, and misconceptions are cleared in this meeting. We make sure the client understands her requirements better and is at a much better position to make an informed decision while buying our services. And the best part is we are location-independent. We come to a place of the clients’ convenience.

vikram dutta founder of curvestrength

Vikram Dutta – Founder, CurveStrength

Our services include yoga and meditation training, fitness consulting/training, diet consulting, counseling & anti-stress programs, a self-defense course and a completely customizable fat-loss program.

CurveStrength is totally bootstrapped currently. And we are a small team of dedicated people working on it with a lot of love. The real team that we are building is with the zealous women of today, who are the authentic CurveStrength ambassadors.

The Kind Of Work

We are currently working on forging new partnerships with businesses in the wellness industry, and also outside of it. The existing and newly onboard clientele is enjoying the benefits of the new programs that have been introduced on the platform.

We have an introductory program called the Wellness Sunday. In this program, there’s a talk on how to approach wellness and how to make the best use of a wellness routine, followed by a Question & Answer session and some training activity. This priceless program is an absolutely free offering from CurveStrength for people to get introduced and experience a genuinely systematic approach to wellness.

Our basic program is called the Wellness Week, which is 7 days of pure wellness experience that will change the way fitness and overall well-being is looked at. This program is a very important step towards taking our more advanced and longer programs.

The Wellness Sunday and the Wellness Week are open to anyone above 15 years of age.

Challenges And The Road Ahead

I have been involved in many entrepreneurial adventures, and I must say this is one of the most challenging yet worthwhile things to do. Building something that you truly believe in from scratch requires a lot of the qualities that our formal education systems often fail to teach us. As with any start-up entrepreneur, we’ve had many challenges from the financial challenges of bootstrapping to social challenges, and everything in between.

The vision is very simple and clear. To empower women with their overall wellness to be a winner – at work, play and life! We intend to reach out extensively and give people an experience of what we have to offer. Wellness is at the core of any human endeavor. It is relevant for everyone. We intend to go city by city starting from Mumbai.

In line with our vision and aim of empowering women to their fullest potential, we have a commitment to care for the not-so-privileged ones of our society. A part of our profits is pledged to the welfare and education of the underprivileged children, especially girls.

And Finally…

An interesting and engaging conversation with Vikram Dutta, ended on a very important note that is relevant to all of us, as he said:

“The value of expert consultation when it comes to dealing with the human body is immense. I would like to see more people realize that value; and not settle for the most convenient available option when it’s the human system we’re talking about – the most complex and powerful piece of technology that exists in the universe as we know it. It needs to be looked at very sincerely.”

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