Obesity is exploding all over the world.

You can be overweight while looking like you are not. You can also be skinny with certain problem areas and still be considered obese. There are also instances when overweight people seem to have a better state of health compared to those who are half their size.

belly fat

When it comes to body fat, the storage matters. If your fat cells are accumulated around your hips and thighs, this generally affects your health on a minimal scale. But when visceral fat is stored around the belly, you could be seriously at risk of various health issues.

What exactly makes visceral fat so dangerous? Well, this kind of fat is not the typical fat that accumulates underneath your skin. Instead, it surrounds and envelopes your internal organs causing a wide array of ghastly diseases.

In fact, there are times when the visceral fat becomes too enlarged, it acts like an organ itself. It affects your body’s production of hormones and can even possibly lead to more visceral fat accumulation. If left unaddressed, it can negatively impact your health by causing inflammation, clogging arteries, and affecting other healthy organs in your body.

The question now is, why is belly fat so dangerous? The fact that is it a marker for visceral fat only indicated that you are probably facing health issues that are still undetermined. Whatever it is, it can only be detected by laboratory tests and confirmed by a doctor. Check this page to know more about belly fat and how it affects your health.

Check For Diabetes

Insulin resistance is a problem that many overweight people suffer from. It is a state where your body no longer detects sugar in your blood causing your blood sugar levels to increase uncontrollably, causing pre-diabetes or full-blown diabetes.

Check For High Blood Sugar and High Blood Pressure

As mentioned above, insulin resistance leads to high blood sugar levels. And when both are not treated, this can further complicate your health by promoting high blood pressure.

Check For Heart Issues or Coronary Diseases

A big belly is indeed a sign of visceral fat accumulation in the body. But remember, your fat cells are all over your body and when you are overweight, there is a great possibility that your heart is covered by a tremendous amount of fat. It is also common for obese people to have clogged arteries which cause deadly heart diseases like stroke or congestive heart failure.

Restricting your calorie intake and using a diet of whole grains, fruits and vegetables will help you burn your excess body fat. Unfortunately, nobody can control where your body fat drops and accumulates, so it is also extremely important to exercise to keep your metabolism operating efficiently.

A study published by Brain, Behavior and Immunity proved that you can reduce your belly fat even by moderately exercising. This study involved older adults who participated in a 45 minute to 60 minutes cardio workout three times a week.

Another group was also formed to participate in a 75-minute cardio flexibility exercise twice a week. The research found that the first group had produced a better overall fitness level report and showed lesser belly fat compared to the other group.

The dangers of belly fat are sneaky and the health condition associated with it will not reveal itself until your case has gotten worse. While losing weight is not as easy as gaining it, burning your belly fat is possible.

Start challenging yourself today and make a complete lifestyle change.

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