Veganism means excluding all forms and kinds of cruelty and exploitation of all sorts of animals for food, clothing, doing experiments on them or other purposes. More and more people are becoming conscious of this and adopting a vegan lifestyle or at least trying to stick to some of its values to their lives and lifestyles.

If you’ve decided to become a vegan whether it’s by your choice or by dietary rules and restraints, a vegan lifestyle will have health benefits on you and a positive impact on your environments.

how to become vegan

image source: Pixabay

Many people think that being vegan includes only eating plant-based foods, but this kind of lifestyle includes other things such as using and buying cruelty-free fashion, beauty, and other products. If you’re planning on transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, here are some suggestions on how to do it.

Vegan Diet

The vegan diet is becoming very popular among the people, especially the youth for health, environmental or ethical reasons. Veganism means not eating products that include meats, eggs, and dairy. Before starting this kind of diet, it’s important to educate yourself so you can do it properly.

You’ll have to learn what are vegan sources for iron, omega 3s, calcium, vitamin B, B12, and others. If you’re used to eating meat this kind of diet will be hard for you at the beginning, but you can always experiment and discover products that will satisfy your meat cravings. Since this kind of diet has become popular, there are lots of sources on how to prepare vegan meals, including vegan cookbooks, tutorials, websites and others that will help you on your way of incorporating a vegan lifestyle. If you’re not a big fan of cooking or you’d like to try out some other meals, there are lots of vegan restaurants that are waiting to be discovered by you. No matter which one you choose – preparing your meals by yourself or going to the restaurant, you’ll definitely enjoy some of the delicious vegan meals.

Vegan Beauty Products

Firstly, what does it mean ‘a vegan beauty product’? It means the absence of animal ingredients in a product. And what does ‘cruelty-free’ product mean? It refers to a product that wasn’t and isn’t tested on animals. Simply said, a vegan product can be tested on animals and a cruelty-free product to have some animal ingredients. The same as with starting a vegan diet, the most important thing before buying a beauty product is to educate yourself. The more information you have and the more you know, the better the transition to a vegan lifestyle and vegan beauty routine will be.

Traditionally, vegan beauty products were hard to find and they weren’t easily accessible. Nowadays, there are lots of cosmetic brands that offer organic, cruelty-free and quality natural makeup products. This way, you’re not only taking care of your skin but also your environment because you’re reducing your environmental impact. Another good news on turning to vegan beauty products is that they contain less irritating ingredients, meaning these products are better for your skin especially if you have sensitive skin.


When people say ‘veganism’ they immediately think of a vegan diet, but veganism doesn’t stop at diet. Vegan clothing has pretty much the same rules as a vegan diet and vegan beauty routines. The rule is simple – avoid clothing that is made by the exploitation of animals. This means, avoid clothes made of fur, silk, leather, and wool. This may seem hard in today’s high fashion society that keeps on making clothes based on these fabric materials. But, there are some alternatives to these materials. Wool alternatives would be fabrics such as polyester, cotton, polar fleece or other animal-free fabrics. Clothes made of these materials are designed with enough thickness that will keep you warm from the cold. If you’re trying to find leather alternative clothes, try looking for an imitation leather or faux leather which is a man-made fabric.

Being vegan and leading a vegan lifestyle is healthy and beneficial, both for you and your environment. But, sometimes, veganism and this kind of lifestyle can be hard since there are lots of rules you have to stick with. Veganism isn’t just ‘not eating meat’, it’s more than that. This kind of lifestyle requires strength of mind and dedication.

If you’ve decided to change your lifestyle and be more conscious of your impact on the environment, becoming vegan is the right step. Like any change in your life, this process can be hard and you’ll have to be ready not to expect to change your habits overnight. The change is slow but worth all the cost. So, good luck on your way to the transition to a vegan lifestyle!