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Is Your Spirit Awake?

How often do you feel tired of being at the receiving end of all suffering? Do you frequently ask God “Why is all this happening to me?” Do you feel lost and repeatedly look for answers to questions like who you are and what is your purpose in life, how to find inner peace and happiness.

Spiritual Awakening – The answer to the hollowness many experience but few admit.

Most people perceive Spirituality as a jargon meant for intellectual minds. We feel that it involves many complexities and don’t give it much of our time and attention. Often it is misunderstood with being religious. However, religion and spirituality are two totally different concepts. Religion decides the way we are brought up and the concepts that are imbibed in us; whereas spirituality is the path to our inner being. It helps us to look within ourselves. It is the path to self-enlightenment.

Jesus, Buddha and all other great prophets were all enlightened souls, who with time were able to travel so deep within themselves that they could decipher the true meaning of their existence. Buddha showed his followers the path to nirvana, to the end of all suffering. His teachings urge us to free ourselves of materialistic bondage.

You may be wondering how would it be practically possible in this material world. We must live and thrive in this world, we cannot run away from it, we cannot let go of our responsibilities. Then how is it possible to disconnect ourselves?

Your reluctance is justified. However, our greatest responsibility is to ensure that our soul is happy and content. Only then can we make others happy. And, it is very much possible, my friends. Begin with baby steps is all I ask and you will surely experience the change.

#1. Spend time with nature:

Just observe nature and take in as much beauty as possible. Close your eyes and walk in the imaginary garden of love, light and compassion. This is meditation – spending time with your own self. It will connect you with the divine universal power, filling your heart with love, forgiveness and light.

#2. Silence the noise in your head:

It is so natural for us to get carried away in our thoughts, to be consumed by trivial matters that drain us of our energy. Thoughts take us to our past or to our future. These thoughts leave us sad, stressed or just lost. We need to act as the observer of these thoughts, watching them come and go, as one would stand on the bank of a river, watching the water flow by. We need to remember that we are not our mind. We need not be so much affected by what goes on up there.

#3. Live in the present:

Our body parts work with the awareness of the present moment. Have you ever wondered what will happen if they start living in the past or worry for the future? Sounds funny yet serious, isn’t it? So why not learn from our body parts and act in the present. When we do not dwell upon the past or stress upon the future and live in the present – realizing the power of now, we become more aware of ourselves. We learn to enjoy life, one day at a time, which is so important.

#4. Do not resist change:

We need to understand that moving with the flow is much easier than being resistant. Life is about moving ahead and each moment and phase has its own learning. So instead of holding ourselves back, we need to let go and let things be. Letting go is freedom and once you are able to do it, you will be more at peace than ever.

Few changes that you may observe when you start on this beautiful path of self-awakening:

You will get a glimpse of who you really are and what do you actually want. You will learn what experiences and lessons are important, things we are here to learn in this life. The peace and happiness you achieve on this path will empower you to look beyond material gains and losses, relations and other emotions like fear, hate, pain and jealousy. You will develop a positive outlook to situations.

You will experience a New You – one who is aligned with its true self and connected with the entire universe. You will experience a feeling of oneness with the divine. You will be filled with pure feelings of love, compassion and light. You will be at so much peace that nothing will bog you down no matter how difficult or tricky the situation may be.

Finally, you will enhance your aura, the light surrounding you with energy particles based on your physical and mental well-being. The deeper you are connected to your spirit, the brighter will be your aura. You will be glowing with confidence and high positive vibrations will always surround you. You will leave lasting impressions on people you meet socially and professionally. With such immense benefits of experiencing a new you at no material cost will most certainly enthrall you to mark the beginning of a new journey.

So when are you starting your journey of Spiritual Awakening?