My better half hates and envies each of my gadget which is Digital and connected to internet for the obvious reason – I spend most of my time with them even on a holiday and I am always attracted towards them. I can’t deny her complains but still can’t part away with my gadgets for too long as if I would be deprived of oxygen or life. If not working on a client’s project or a proposal, I would be upgrading my skills and knowledge or even doing some stupid things on Social Media or finding some unbelievable deals.

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Teenage Love Relished After A Century Of Ifs And Buts!

I cannot stop talking about Social media and Digital Marketing. All this is not because I earn my bread, butter, pizza or Beer from it, but the reason is that internet and computer were my teenage love. As a teenager and prized owner of a Desktop computer with an active & super expensive internet connection in the early 2000, my love was unconditional. Although it took 2 professional degrees, work experience of 6 years, 1 failed Start-up and a Successful love Marriage to convince myself that I was born for this. For those who have started to think that I am some sort of Geek or a Workaholic- kindly refrain yourself from being so judgmental. As my best buddies would describe me of being a party animal and a nomad exploring the world. There hasn’t been too many days in my Life when I have felt tired and exhausted for a late night movie, dinner, party or even a Drive. Rather, I have spent more number of days seeping a coffee in afternoon, lazing around and spending some quality time with loved ones- a luxury which only home makers or kids half my age who bunk too often can afford.

How And Why I Went Digital?

I did my engineering. Joined an IT job. I quit. I did MBA. And refused to take up a job again, launched my first Start-up, lost money to a Digital firm and re-surged again in my current Avatar of a Digital Marketing Professional and Entrepreneur. I was not disheartened as I learnt a lot and discovered myself and my true potential. More than work satisfaction, it gives me a control over my life and a break from a monotonous and routine corporate life. I can do serious work and have fun at the same time. I can use automation and scheduler to line up my work in a manner that everything is being updated and running even though I am away from my workstation roaming around in the beautiful valleys of Himachal or Kashmir. Clients doesn’t complain, nor does family. Work is never hampered, neither is personal life compromised.

Why Digital Marketing Is The Future And Everyone Must Learn It?

Most of us are couples living in a nuclear family with just about little help from parents and relatives. Rising living costs and lifestyle choices put pressure on couple and a single salary is not sufficient to support the entire family. Plus, often the person staying at home faces a dubious challenge of managing home and kids and achieving something professionally. While contributing financially to the family within a flexible environment is always on the mind. Digital Marketing can be considered a boon to all those who are looking for a flexible work and personal life balance. Although it can be pursued in equal capacity by mainstream professionals and market is aplomb with new job openings in E-commerce, Mobile App and Tech Start-ups. The best part about Digital Marketing is that it can be learnt and implemented by anyone irrespective of their academic background and professional experience.

There is a myth prevailing in the market that it’s best learnt by an IT or Marketing Professional which is ridiculous. Being an internet savvy and good with managing applications on web and mobile are two things which are must for a Good Digital Marketing Professional and most of the millennial are good with. Many of the successful Digital Marketing Professionals are either from Media or Content Background. Some of them come from visual, graphics and animation background as well. Having said that, a Good Digital Marketing Professional can learn a number of handy tools for managing content and visual for a better marketing without much rigorous training and most of these tools are free and hence proficiency in different skills is not a hurdle. And the best part is, you can learn and earn without even stepping out of the house.

We, at DM Tree, understand this very well and have designed courses to suit needs of everyone ranging from an IT or Marketing Professional to a Business owner or a Home Maker.

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