There's No Right Way To Express Love. A Polaroid Camera Did More To Her Than The "I Love You"

There’s No Right Way To Express Love. A Polaroid Camera Did More To Her Than The “I Love You”

Little gestures in life are often taken for granted amidst the noise of bookish romance.

While some lovers go down on knees to put a diamond ring on the love of their life, there are those, unusual types, who believe in purchasing a Polaroid camera to impart positive feelings in the disturbed and depressed mind of their loved ones.

There's No Right Way To Express Love. A Polaroid Camera Did More To Her Than The "I Love You"

Just like age, distance is also a number

This is the story of a 25-year-old girl, who became severely sick the same year she planned to take big leaps in her career and personal life.

It all began in 2018 when she was detected with mild Colitis in Mumbai and started getting weaker by the day. In spite of the medicines and multiple doctor consultation, there was no significant progress in her condition.

For those of you who are new to the illness, “Colitis is a chronic digestive disease characterized by inflammation of the inner lining of the colon.” In simple words, the girl was facing daily change in bowel habits, could not consume regular food, and suffered from diarrhea & nausea almost every alternate day.

After a lot of analysis and second thoughts, her parents asked her to move back to her native. Trust me, the decision was huge, and her heart was heavy just thinking about this unprepared transition.

She gave up her comfortable job, the city of her dreams, and most importantly, the independent self-financed life she had built with all the sweat & toil.

Although the decision had started sounding easier, knowing that the guy she had fallen in love with had her back. Every time she shed a tear; he became her reason to smile.

Even though he was far away and his professional commitments did not allow him to leave immediately, he still left no stone unturned to make her happy. But reassuringly saying how much he loves her was not going to play the trick this time.

Here comes a new bundle of JOY

He was far away, watching the entire episode of her illness patiently. Daily complains of acidity, stomach cramps, weight loss, and endless medical reports could have made him mad and irritable. But he decided to take a smart step towards healing her with positivity.

As early as he could, he ordered a Polaroid camera from Amazon along with 50 plus photo films. He carefully sent it through a friend and made sure his girl did not open it without consulting him.

There's No Right Way To Express Love. A Polaroid Camera Did More To Her Than The "I Love You"

He called her up one day and told her very specifically, “This instant camera is not meant to test your photography. Capture real moments of positive events in your life like a little smiling baby or a blooming flower. Anything that makes you happy. Capture one picture every single day and look for inspirational scenes until it makes you smile. All I want you to do is, use your unemployed days, not in self-pity but finding joy in little things in life.”

And she did accordingly. Any event or thing that made her smile instantly came out of the camera and developed into a beautiful memory for a lifetime.

What happened next?

By now, I hope you realize this is not a fairy-tale where the camera immediately healed her, and she was able to digest everything without any more complains.

Colitis is a tricky disease and takes its own sweet time. Plus, the food restrictions are difficult to follow.

The Polaroid camera did not heal her but brought a ray of hope during her illness. Every day she started looking for new inspiration which could get captured in her polaroid camera.

Days passed, and slowly, the medicines started showing results. After, nearly two more months of struggle, she was fit and fine. Ready to hog on any food she desired!

Just repeating the phrase “I Love You” is not Love

Our generation is unknowingly caught in a world of technology and expectations. Expressing love on WhatsApp messages gains more popularity than face-to-face interactions.

True love can never be defined through words; it can only be witnessed by little efforts made in the worst struggles of life. Just like the story of the camera, there is plenty of evidence of compassion and affection which get ignored in the limelight of fancy dinners and expensive gifts. In reality, the little efforts are the moments that we cherish for a lifetime.

During the time, when the girl wasn’t making any progress and getting sicker by the day, she had told the guy to think twice about the relationship as she did not want to be a liability for him. Now, she smiles and recalls the response of the boy, “We started this journey together, now I cannot leave you behind ever. And I am sure you would have done the same had you been in my shoes.” 

Be grateful for the love in your life even if he/she does not chant the phrase “Miss You” or “I love you” every single day of your life!

Abhishikha Chatterjee

Abhishikha Chatterjee

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