Proper management of time in every company is essential. When you are well-organized, you may achieve much more than your competitors – it is a slogan that you can find in many management and business books. But the question is: how to do it in a right way? This article will present one of advance scheduling software worth to have in your company.

The main advantage of Versum tool for salon

A popular hair or beauty salon is a busy place where hundreds of customers show up every month. In this case, it is a little bit complicated to run a book calendar and write down every appointment by hand. The things may get complicated where in a salon works a few employees who want to make an appointment with her/his client at the same time. That is why, the tool offered by Versum may be an excellent solution. There are some significant benefits when you may gain while using salon scheduling software:

  • Better time management – the scheduling software from Versus will help every owner of beauty or hair salon to organise the work in a way to maximise the time of employees and change shifts to be more effective.
  • Advance marketing in a salon– every company needs some advertisement. The software provided by Versum offers advanced methods of marketing that will help you to develop your business better. Your customers will be able to check your offer and make an appointment in your salon and the owner of the salon can highlight the service using the scheduling software.
  • Manage your finances better – apart from marketing for a hair salon, the software is a useful tool when it comes to make some simple calculations regarding income and profit. When you use the software, you may see the detailed analyse of number of customers and money they spend in your salon. In this case, you can settle with your employees and check the current balance every time you log in.

The main advantage of Versum tool for customers

This beauty salon software is not only a practical tool for a salon. It has also a few crucial benefits for your customers.

  • The customers may make an appointment at the salon any time at the day and night because the software provides real-time online booking software.
  • Notification – the customers will get notifications via SMS or e-mail before the appointment. In this way, they will not forget about it.
  • Feedback – the customers can express their opinions on the salon leaving simple reviews with level of their satisfaction. It will help to increase the reputation of the salon and particular employee.

Where the versum software is applied?

There are many companies that are interested in beauty salon management software. They care about their customers and they simply want to be one of its kinds and provide high quality services. As an outcome, the sophisticated salon management tool can be found in:

  • Hair salons
  • Beauty salons
  • Tattoo salons
  • Spa centres
  • Barber salons
  • Nail salons

And many more places where high quality customer service matters.

The recent statistics showed that Versum software is used by over 37,000 companies in every corner of the globe.

Professional attitude to customer providing high quality services are the keys to achieve success and become a reputable company in your neighbourhood, town and in your country as well.