Through his lens, French Photographer Jonathan “Jonk” Jimenez has captured nature that has found its way into the abandoned buildings. His recently released book “Naturalia” is about a collection of images that showcases how nature has reclaimed her own property. Be it rusty places, broken windows- everything looks lively due to the wildness and dominance of nature.

Jonathan "Jonk" Jimenez photography

Jonathan “Jonk” Jimenez

While most photographers worry about the perfection of light and shadow in the photographs- when you take a look at Jonk’s pictures closely, you will never fail to notice the unique blend of nature and culture across the world. Even though there is a tone of melancholy in the photographs, but still the beauty of nature pleases the eyes.

jonk photography

An abandoned chapel in France

Through the softly colored photographs, Jonk tries to explain that ruin has several layers to these architectural buildings, cars, houses, planes and tanks and lots more. Ruins become lively in his work and the pictures further explain that it is not the final stage of despair and aging. They turn into heaps of rubble and later lose its trace.

jonk photography

A Warehouse in Taiwan

About his work, John says, “I found a thrill in that activity, the adrenaline that I have been looking for in everything I do in my life.”  

Before taking up this project, where greenery and ruins rule his work now; Jonk started his photographic journey by documenting graffiti artists in Barcelona, who used the city’s deserted places as canvases. Further, the pseudonym he uses bears proof that he was once a street artist too.  

jonk photography

A train graveyard in Hungary

The ruins are illuminated by nature and its wilderness, and you have to see it to believe the rawness these images hold.

Here are some more of his works-

This extraordinary picture looks full of life and yet has a sense of despair at the same time. While the rusty vehicle adds a sad tone to the photograph, the small weeds on top of it add life and freshness to the picture.

Religion and nature are in complete harmony and the photograph establishes a strange relationship between them. Strangely, this abandoned Church looks like a complete beauty even though it has lost its glory. Bricks are visible and nature creeps in, making it her own place of worship.

Looking through Jonk’s lens, he has found a perfect reading spot in the home called nature. The rusty chair and the greenery around in a way resemble life and death.

A vehicle reclaimed by nature in this beautiful photograph. The stillness of nature tells a lot about space and time. It shows the power of nature over manmade objects and how slowly over time, nature has reclaimed what belongs to her.

The toilet of an abandoned school and how the creepers on the wall form the decor of this abandoned place.

There is a sense of decay as well as growth in this photograph. There is a fighter jet lying in the lap of nature and perhaps it can say a lot about war and peace.