India is developing swift and this time the torch bearers of this emerging  India are the fearless Women of this proud country.

Although, it’s not that easy as it reads, as women empowerment has always been an agenda since decades and there are many challenges for women of this country to thrive through. Thus, the path towards the glory of success has never been rosy, especially for these dauntless heroes of modern India.

My story to become independent is not just a story rather a journey of a common Indian girl to be an uncommon entrepreneur.

women entrepreneur

Looking Back

I was just sixteen when I had to take over the responsibility of carrying my personal expenses as well as to continue my education. And this was not the end rather the beginning of my struggle. Managing education with work did not fetch good scores from class but a good learning from life.

Since then, the next 17 years of my semi-professional career has been a bumpy ride which gave various hiccups like unequal salaries, gender biasing, bounded opportunities etc. and that too followed by miles of daily traveling between a semi-cultured public and tarnished public transport system of those times. I miss metro services for those times!

Regardless all the odds my personal life was not tangled for long as I was lucky to find the love of my life and a rock-solid support. His support added to confidence. After just a few years of my marriage, I gathered my courage and took a decision to stand on my own and that too with a deep belief and support of my husband and family. Since then my personal life was like a silk spun knit.

The Entrepreneur In Me Was Born

With just Rs.10,000 in my personal account, I dreamed of starting my own venture. I was excited but at the same time, nervous. And in between that, my life also achieved one of the greatest milestones. Motherhood! It was exciting, but not easy. However, I was fortunate to survive through a couple of miscarriages. However, in the end, this was indeed a big and precious time.

So, from here the Motherhood and the Entrepreneurship had to go hand in hand but not without the support of my family.

And with the grace of God, both happened one after another. Firstly the fighter in me found the social milestone when in February 2017 I got my company Jido Sense Technologies Pvt. Ltd. registered. And that made the upcoming milestone of Motherhood be more challenging, like her being one minute mom, as one kid was already on my lap and another in waiting.

We started the company with a manufacturing tie-up with a couple of companies in Korea and PRC and importing some hygiene products for public/shared restrooms.

The idea to do this again came from my struggling days when as a girl I never got a place where I could find any restroom area hygienic enough to keep me out of the fears of catching infections. And, this is not a rare event rather every Indian working woman has that in her mind and now they have become ignorant towards it. This reminds me of a story in which living in dark became the rejoice of a village and it’s people.

Thus, with Jido Sense we have and are about to introduce various revolutionary products with just simple but revolutionary ideas.

Yet again Indian society is adapted in the rejoice of dark to an extent where no one was ready to understand the utility of electricity. So, finding a space to bring something new to such market is a real challenge and as experts say that Indian market is not the market of customers rather the manufacturers, where customer do not know their requirement rather the manufacturer imposes their products on them. And our challenge is to change that mindset.

But, with the efforts of my indefatigable team and diligent husband in support, we are sailing the ship of our dreams and wisdom against the tides and ridges on our way to success.

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