The minute I pick up my project and I start knitting, everything around me disappears,” says the founder of Brooklyn Boy Knits, Louis Boria.

Louis knits wherever he goes and he says, whenever people come to me, they say, “Oh, knitting is for grandmas and aunties, and mom does it.” What they don’t understand is it is beyond gender roles and it is therapeutic for me.

It makes him happy to see that more and more guys are getting into knitting and crocheting. What very people know or realize is that knitting is very good for the health as well.

According to the studies, when one practices knitting, they can improve confidence, stress levels, mood, and creativity. But since it’s not very common for men to knit, Louis’ hobby has gotten him a lot of attention.

Watch the video here:

Louis Boria is a modern artist and his Brooklyn Boy Knits as he calls it, is a spinning success. Louis says, he started getting emails from around the world. Wives would email me telling me, “I showed my husband your video, and he got so inspired that now, he’s learning how to knit.

Louis is inspiring future generations through his work. Recently, he taught private school students how to knit. Louis says it is a great way for fine-tuning motor skills in children.

Few of Louis’ students are autistic and the parents found that knitting is benefitting their children. This trend is catching on and the best part is, it has popped up in prisons. And there’s even a men’s knitting magazine now. “We live in a time where gender roles are being crossed, and we as men are getting into things such as makeup artistry, and hair design and fashion. These are things that are typically done by women. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anybody says. It’s about what you love and what matters most to you,” he concluded.

Follow your heart no matter what and it will take you places! However cliché it might sound, but it is true.