India might be in the driving seat(or I should say the ‘riding seat’, given the title of the post) with the highest number of two-wheeler sold last year. However, the leisure and fun community is still small in this part of the world.

Last year, India went ahead of China to become the largest two-wheeler market across the globe, which includes a fair share of scooters and mopeds. Motorcycles led the count by a good margin.

However, unlike in the west, where there is a good percentage of people riding motorcycles out of passion and ardor, motorcycles are mainly used for everyday travel here.

Being good on mileage, motorcycles are preferred over the other two-wheelers. Indian consumers are largely recognized as budget customers who consider the entire lifecycle of a product before purchasing one.

Surprisingly, the prices of the motorcycles haven’t shot up even after 2 decades. I could remember myself giving my boards when my big brother bought this 2 stroke, small packet demon in Yamaha RX 100. Round headlights and indicators with chrome finishing, it was a crackerjack of a machine.

What’s more, it merely cost him 36k. Even today, you have so many options under 50k.

Though we have some ardent followers for motorcycles here too, but I bet most wouldn’t know the rich numbers and statistics motorcycles enjoy.

Take a look at this neat infographic.

interesting facts about motor cycle

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