Getting married to someone probably is the best feeling ever. Dedicating a lifetime to somebody else and his/her family is in itself a great thing. Months go into the preparation for the big day and when it’s all done, relatives go back home, everyone gets busy in their lives, all that’s left is the newlyweds.

While life seems like a fairy tale, it has its share of witches too! Every newlywed has to go through a series of questions which range from funny to irritating. Poor souls! But these questions are inevitable and leave the couple sick and tired every time they are shot.

1. Show Me What Gifts You Gotcouples gift tired showing

The gift unpacking session in itself is such a pain. Showing those gifts to inquisitive friends and relatives and continuously explaining who gave what takes the pain to another level altogether. This is unavoidable, I tell you!

2. Arrey! You Are Going To Office So Soon?

And the instant answer that pops up in the mind is, “You see, we have to earn too to keep our empty stomach full and it’s not my dad’s company.” But all they manage to say is a “Yes, what to do?” with a sweet smile. Ugh!

3. When Anybody Sees You On Phone, “Is It Him/Her?

couples on phone

Dude, even newly married people have a life apart from their husbands/wives. Not every phone call is from the other one. Get a life!

4. Where Are You Going For Honeymoon?

couples screaming

This question itself makes them want to kill people. They have been tired of sharing their travel plans with every possible soul they know.

5. It’s Even More Painful Once Back From Honeymoon

Tell us what you did there”, “Was he/she good in bed?”. Take a chill pill, everybody. If they really had to answer all this, they would have taken you along on their honeymoon too.

6. Friends Are Like, “How Many Times A Week Do You Do ‘It’?”

couples sex

Yes, it can actually shoot up to such heights of irritation. And it does.

7. Tell Us About Your In-Laws

Irrespective of sex, caste, creed, religion and whichever criteria one can think of, everybody seems to be interested in juicy stories about the in-laws. Come on now, nobody in this big world is perfect.

8. Tomorrow You’re Going To Have Dinner At My Place

couples dinner invitation

A dinner at someone else’s place is always great. Except when someone is having dinner at someone else’s place for over a month. The soul just wants to have rice and chapatti. Nothing else!

9. Hello, I’m Your Mother-in-Law’s Younger Sister’s Brother-in-Law’s Neighbor’s Friend

And this is not an exaggeration, mind it. Every newly married couple has to befriend every weird person they meet!

10. When Is The Good News?

couples good news angry

When something ‘good’ happens, everybody shall know. For now, the poor couple needs to be spared of this question. Please!

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