The Changing Recruitment Scenario – How Technology Is Optimizing It For The Startups And The Large Corporates

Indian startup ecosystem is going through changes swinging between extremes. Only a few months ago, everything was hunky dory; nobody was asking difficult questions and then chaos followed with over projection done in certain business segments resulting in sacking of their staff. There is a saying we follow in HR – “There is never a dull day“. On most days, a large portion of HR managers’ time goes into going through numerous CVs sent to them by either the agencies or candidates directly for various openings in their companies. As much as 80% of their time, goes into recruiting function of the HR while it’s possible to use this time to launch employee friendly policies to retain them, incentive programs to motivate achievers in an organization.

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Good news is, there is a shift happening in the minds of some of leading HR and staffing companies. We are seeing that recruitment companies are increasingly moving towards tech to reduce dependency on their recruitment managers so that they can make better utilization of their time.

What Are We Working On Currently

We, at Core Integra, are working on an automated recruitment platform, which will be designed to engage with active job seekers only. Our software will track people across social media who are actively looking out for a job or a career shift. The software will draw up a list of such people and they will be contacted through an automated system with details about an open position in any of our clients’ companies. Once the candidate is shortlisted, he will have to appear for a psychometric test, a video interview in addition to their regular format CV. This data will be used to analyze a candidate’s’ strong and weak areas and accordingly, he/she will be shortlisted for a job from our end. After this first round of filtering, this data will sit on client’s server who can then call a candidate for either a video interview or in person. Using technology up to this level will ensure optimization of time and will also enable our recruitment managers to reach out to more candidates. This will also eliminate any margin of error. Once the hiring decision is arrived, Core Integra’s automated background/legal screening software will throw up results of any legal cases pending against the prospective candidate. This functionality is first of its kind in the country and shall help organisations to hire the right kind of resources. Normally background screening process is done post facto.

[su_pullquote]Next time you put a social media status talking about ‘Monday Blues’, remember, this may cost you your next job as nobody wants to hire a person who doesn’t like to come to work every Monday. [/su_pullquote]

Human Resources are the biggest assets for any organization today. Thus, it is extremely critical to hire people with not only the right skill set but also the right attitude towards the job, management and the team they will work with. Many large corporates have engaged specialist background check companies whose mandate is to prepare a social media profile of a shortlisted candidate. The profile gives a detailed account of the candidates’ social media presence, quality of posts written by him/her, type of articles he/she reads online and shares them further. This comes in handy to form an opinion about candidate’s personality. There have been instances where some good candidates with an impressive CV have been rejected on the basis of their social media profile. Of Course, such incidents don’t get publicized. So next time you put a social media status talking about ‘Monday Blues’, remember, this may cost you your next job as nobody wants to hire a person who doesn’t like to come to work every Monday.

The face of HR has changed, many employees look at HR service delivery as a portal. This has also made HR professionals view and revise their roles, where they can put in their efforts and time into overlooking greater automated recruitmentinquiries than using up their energy in documentation. As tech solutions are gearing up to become a game changer in HR management, HR tech tools if adopted by companies can help them perform better. The key message is that faster a company or a recruitment agency adopts tech in their way of life, higher are their chance to stay relevant to their partners.

Some may argue that though technology may hold answers to most of their problems but they are costly to deploy. Startups, specially, can’t build such software in house or license them due to cost constraints. To them, I would say it is true we can’t expect startups to spend on empowering their HR departments with advanced tech tools for recruitment as they already spend on HRM to maintain employee records, compensation details etc. However, they can still attract the best talent through tech-enabled recruitment companies. That will turn out cost effective for startups.

At Core Integra, we strive to find the right talent for the companies we work with. We have built a Cloud platform connecting our 800 partners across the country. This has given us pan India presence. Our partners have access to the Cloud platform via a username and password. They can view various job postings on the platform and can source talent matching the skill sets and other criteria mentioned in the job description. However, to ensure no overlap, our partners can view job postings of their region or city or taluka only. It’s deliberately kept this way to ensure there is no duplication of effort.

As someone who has seen HR go through different avatars in the last three decades or so, I can foresee HR services becoming a strategic function which will be looked upon by the CXOs for providing supporting analytics for putting together a team even internally for certain crucial projects or even hiring a fresh talent. 2016 will be the year of HR transforming into a customer focused responsive function.

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Prasanna Soparkar

Prasanna Soparkar is the Founder and MD of Core Integra Consulting, a Mumbai-based tech enabled HR and Compliance Company, founded in 2011. He comes with more than two and a half decades of experience in the HR industry, having worked with companies across various sectors such as Aegis Chemicals, Stream International, Love Lock & Lewis (BPO division), Shell Transource (A Vertex Company) and Tata group companies like Tata Industries, Tata Infotech, Rallies.

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