One of the most significant recent growth areas in the fitness industry has been the emergence of outdoor training. The range of outdoor activities offered by certified fitness professionals continues to expand rapidly and trends are shifting on a regular basis. Services offered can vary from one-on-one personal training and small or large group trainings. The training activities may include, but not be limited to kettle bells, bootcamp, cross training, event training, sport specific training and adventure activities.

An outdoor training program is typically an open-air workout experience that offers structured training in a dynamic, flexible and pleasantly unpredictable environment. Outdoor settings may include local parks, school grounds, private land and sports venues or even your back yard.

What To Expect From Outdoor Training?

Fun and motivating outdoor workout sessions that not only challenge you but also help you to focus on YOU, and what is best for YOU! The trainings vary on a day-to-day basis. While one day your coach may give you a weight training session, the next can be running, core training, and other forms of outdoor fitness exercises that they know will work best for you.

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Fitness training builds self-esteem, helps you explore your capabilities and endurance levels, increases energy, helps you lose weight, and just feel good about who you are. Outdoor workout sessions expose you to the elements, tone up your muscles, and help you lose stubborn body fat faster.

Working out in an open air setting takes your energy to an all new level and jump-starts your metabolism. Without the fancy gym equipment or intimidating weight lifters diverting you from your goals, your focus shifts to getting fit with like minded people and enjoying it to the core.

If you are in a group, the coach makes a tailor-made plan for everyone, challenging them to work on their weaknesses.

What Are The Benefits of Outdoor Training? 

Affordability: First and foremost, it is affordable. In fact many outdoor exercise programs are offered free-of-cost, sponsored by global sports brands. So if the gym membership fee is holding you back, outdoor training may be a viable alternative.

Faster results: From a trainer’s point of view, I believe the greatest benefit of outdoor exercise is that you will see quicker results from your workout.

The reason? A combination of walking, running, cycling, weight training and muscle building exercises puts more demands on your body, helping you achieve your fitness goals faster. A gymnasium cannot replicate the varied terrains and weather conditions one encounters out in the open.

Mental stimulation: Outdoor exercise provides a unique kind of mental stimulation. It exposes one to a dynamic environment that excites and stimulates the brain, and rejuvenates your thought process, and I say that from experience.

It revitalizes your mind as well as your body. Just ten minutes of physical activity in the outdoors is a huge stress buster and can be a great start to a morning.

Variety: Outdoor trainings provide the opportunity to have varied workouts. A run outside lets us encounter varied terrain and conditions that cannot be simulated in the gym on a treadmill. You get different gradients and surfaces, such as concrete, grass, sand and – of course – earth and mud!

All these elements exercise your body in different ways, exerting unique stresses and strains that give you a more comprehensive workout.

Sunshine: The vitamin D provided by exposure to the sun has great benefits. It strengthens the immune system, supports bone health and protects against several lifestyle diseases. It is widely agreed that the sun is still the best source of vitamin D for our bodies. Also, exposure to sunlight is a common treatment for depression and other mood disorders.

And there’s much more – building core strength, plyometrics, body weight workouts, speed and endurance. Each training session is a new, hard hitting workout aimed at getting results. You get to push your limits, sweat it out, get dirty and use muscles you never knew you had. It’s fun and it’s addictive!

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