Questions To Ask Before Buying The Best Quality CBD Oil For Pain Relief

Questions To Ask Before Buying The Best Quality CBD Oil For Pain Relief

Although cannabidiol (CBD) is an essential component in marijuana, consuming CBD oil doesn’t make you “high.” This happens because unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD oil doesn’t affect the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors to produce a “high” sensation. Instead, CBD oil activates the brain’s reward system and produce pleasure chemicals.

Since its discovery in 1940, several studies have been published to prove that CBD oil alleviates pain. CBD oil works with the receptors found in your brain, creating pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects in the body. This response can improve your body’s pain management and treat chronic pain, such as back pain and arthritis.

Questions To Ask Before Buying The Best Quality CBD Oil For Pain Relief

The health benefits of CBD oil can be very promising, but keep in mind that different suppliers might use different components in their products. For you to end up buying the best quality CBD oil for pain relief, ask the following questions:

1. Can You Provide Third-Party Lab Results?

A supplier that provides third-party lab results indicates its credibility in the industry and transparency on the safety of their products. A supplier that makes its own CBD oil and pays third parties to test the quality of their products strives to provide unbiased and accurate lab results to their consumers. Third-party lab results can confirm the quality of the CBD oil.

If you already found a CBD oil supplier, check their website or request a copy of the third-party lab results. A credible supplier will be happy to oblige your request. If the supplier turns down your request or tells you that their products don’t come with third-party lab results, start scouting for other options.

2. Where’s The CBD Oil Sourced From?

CBD oil can be extracted from marijuana and hemp plants. While both of these sources come from the cannabis family, marijuana and hemp plants vary in a lot of ways. For one, marijuana and hemp plants are grown differently.

Hemp is grown solely for industrial purposes, which means that it contains higher levels of CBD and only 0.3% of THC. Marijuana is grown indoors and is cultivated because of its THC concentration and lower levels of CBD.

Because of its lesser THC content, only CBD oil extracted from industrial hemp is legal. Aside from avoiding any legal responsibilities, using CBD oil made from industrial hemp also ensures that you won’t experience any “high” after using it. Plus, CBD oil from industrial hemp will make it easy for you to travel from one state to another.

3. Does The Product Contain Hemp Seed Oil Or Hemp Oil?

For a first-time CBD oil user, these terms might seem similar, but actually, these compounds work differently.

Hemp seed oil is the compound extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. Although hemp seed oil is healthy as it contains fatty acids and omega 3, it’s not the best choice for people who are planning to use CBD oil for pain relief. Hemp seed oil only contains little CBD, which means that its effects on pain management might be minimal.

Hemp oil or hemp extract oil is the compound extracted from the flower, stalks, and stems of the hemp plant. Since these parts contain the highest levels of CBD, CBD oil made from hemp oil is more potent than hemp seed oil.

Thus, when buying CBD oil for pain relief, always ask if it contains hemp seed oil or hemp oil. Some suppliers might sell CBD oils as CBD-rich products but only contains hemp oil seed.

4. Is The CBD Oil Full Spectrum Or Isolate?

When a CBD oil mentions “full-spectrum” in its label, it means that the whole plant, along with its compounds, were used. Aside from getting high levels of CBD, full-spectrum oils allow you to enjoy other compounds, such as flavonoids and terpenes from the hemp plant.

On the other side of the coin, CBD oil labeled as “isolate” means that the product purely contains CBD. Isolate CBD oil also has zero levels of THC.

For someone who’s planning to use CBD oil for pain relief, buying CBD oil in an isolated form might be the best choice. Since it doesn’t contain any other compounds, you might think that you can get the highest amount of CBD and maximize its anti-inflammatory properties from isolate, but this isn’t always the case. The compounds found in the hemp plant need to work together in order to create a more effective CBD oil. This is called the entourage effect.

If you truly want to experience the optimal benefits of CBD oil, taking one in full-spectrum might be a better option.

CBD oil in isolate is suitable for people who have very sensitive taste buds. Since this product doesn’t contain terpenes, it’s blander than full-spectrum oil.

Seek Professional Advice

Before buying CBD oil, visit your doctor and ask for their approval first. CBD oil might provide a lot of health benefits, but keep in mind that your body might react differently to it. This is especially true if you’re under medication or suffering from certain health conditions.

Always wait for your doctor’s approval before you start incorporating CBD oil to your lifestyle.



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