Startups and funding, the two buzz words that go hand in hand, are not alien to today’s generation. Even though it’s glamorous to read all the funding news, the process of getting funded is, well, nothing less thrilling than the Game of Thrones.

Meet Harsh Vardhan Singh – a NIT graduate and an IIM-Indore dropout, and Noreen Sodhi, the two co-founders of ‘Paper Weight Entertainment’, along with the entire team.


Amidst the world of degrading content, PWE aka ‘Paper Weight Entertainment‘, an upcoming Content Production House(art appreciators) is attempting to raise funds for their business in the most unique way possible. PWE simultaneously promises good quality content production to the audience. To fulfill the promise, the determined PWE Team have just one thing to say, i.e “Keh Ke Lengey Funding!“.

startup funding pitch to investors

They have come up with a creative video funding pitch for their prospect investors. If the investors they would be approaching are creative and smart enough, getting funded should be just a matter of time.

This video funding pitch short film is a tribute to the brave Bollywood director Mr.Anurag Kashyap, who has personally met and guided the PWE Team Members. Mr.Kashyap is an inspiration to the young generation of filmmakers. This video funding pitch is inspired from Mr.Kashayap’s famous ‘Gangs of Wasseypur‘.

PowerPoint presentations are a pass. Watch this unique creative video funding pitch – the new way to approach the investors. To see some more inspiring work of ‘Paper Weight Entertainment, click here.



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