I wanted to share something with you that I wrote because I think it could resonate with most of us as I am getting tired of people being jealous just because I am traveling.

Do I really have a “perfect life” to be jealous of?

I travel to discover a better me

A few days ago, someone told me that a girlfriend of mine had decided to block my posts on Facebook because my pictures made her jealous. Despite the fact that basically, I don’t care, it made me think of something deeper.

Life is made of choices. Choices that must match our expectations and our happiness, and more when they are taken at the beginning of our lives. Professional and personal. Without any responsibility that of our simple self. We always have the choice, the question is whether we know ourselves enough to be certain of our decisions and our own happiness.

The question is whether we know ourselves enough to be certain of our decisions and our own happiness.

People often forget that making such drastic decisions is a matter of courage. Of a certain temporary insanity also, but especially of courage. Making choices also means “dilemmas” and “risks” that can sometimes have serious consequences.

I understood not so long time ago, but deep down I knew it for years that I do not need a “home”. I do not need to “nest” to build my future. My happiness and fulfilling myself as a Woman goes through the discovery and exploration of our beautiful planet and meeting cultures. Money does not flow, except my backpack, I have nothing that belongs to me, my most valuable asset is my camera that slowly finished its beautiful days, and it is a choice. Having a partner or considering having kids was in the balance. I am not gonna lie about that. But life made me understand that my happiness was elsewhere.

Functioning on instinct and with the idea of not having regret, I took shots and big ones. I suffered more than expected and I went through things that few will have the opportunity to live. Happy and terrible. It’s a choice and I admit to being grateful to the entire universe for this ability that I have been given to be able to adapt and bounce whatever happens to me. It’s a strength of character, may be the only one that I’m proud of. I also thank the whole universe for having surrounded me with a few people guiding me to never give up. No matter what.

I travel to discover a better me

So Yes! My travel pictures can make people jealous, but it would be too simple to see only a girl living with love and fresh water. Because this girl, she has scratches on her knees by falling, tattoos on her arms to remember, scars on her heart with the hope to never regret anything and the head full of plans to never sink.