The sheer brilliance of nature teaches us one powerful thing that inner peace is the key to happiness. Mighty yet calm, peaceful yet wild, delicate yet powerful- the juxtaposition of nature always leaves us captivated.

We all crave for a sense of belonging and this is where mountains come as a refuge for you. A wise man once said, “we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.”  True to the core, isn’t it? “My Great Escape” – a beautiful Travel film series by MSN Karthik captures the exquisiteness and magnificence of one of the most beautiful Himalayan states of India- Sikkim.

Titled ‘Sikkim Diaries’, it is divided into 3 episodes to capture the beauty of the state in the best possible manner. This travel film series is more of a token of gratitude towards nature- to establish a connection between the serenity of mountains and stillness of spirit.

Taking the roads less traveled by, this one will make you believe why going close to nature makes us naturally happy. The magnetic charm of the mountains and the stillness of nature will help you to escape the shackles of ordinary life.

There is so much in this world for all of us if only we could have the eyes to see it and a heart to love it.