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Everything in the world can be found on Google. Right? Wrong!

A search engine can give you the locations but cannot tell you the stories of faith and belief. One has to go to these places in person and become a part of the people’s lives- to find out their habits, cultures, rituals and lots more.

Such is the story of a Village in India and in Egypt, where people have left everything on trust and faith and probably these two places are the most trusted and safest places on the entire earth.

A Village in Egypt

A small village in Egypt is inhabited by one of the oldest civilizations in the world- The Nubians. They wear unique clothes, speak a unique language and live in unique houses by the Nile. The village was built by the wife of the governor of the area and therefore if you look for it in the search engine, you will not find it.

In a video uploaded by Nas Daily on social media, one can see how the shops remain unlocked in the midnight too and no one is watching on you. One can eat anything or take any souvenir, get any dress from any shop. And no one is watching.

Nubians speak a language that no one else can speak, you have to learn the language verbally because it has no alphabets.

In a time when companies are building best possible devices to provide safety from theft, this community in Egypt shows how it is built on trust and a lesson everyone to hold close to their heart.

A Village in India

Shani Shingnapur, a village in Maharashtra has no doors and shops remain unlocked – as it is believed to be blessed by the Lord God Shani (God of Saturn) who protects this place from all sorts of troubles as a guardian.

The shrine in Shani Shingnapur village in Maharashtra

The shrine in Shani Shingnapur village in Maharashtra (source: Wikimedia)

It is believed that about 300 years ago, there was heavy rain and flooding and there appeared a huge slab of rock on the shores of Panasnala River. When the villager touched it with a stick, blood was oozing out of that 1.5m boulder.

Do you know any other places with an interesting tale?