Are you a frequent traveler? Do you crave for traveling to new and exciting places that give you peace of mind? If yes, then you should consider Indianapolis as your next travel destination.

Traveling to the United States always gives goosebumps to travel junkies. The reason being the beautiful and adventurous travel destinations which the United States offer to the tourists.

Things To Do In Indianapolis

Travelers need to fulfill visa requirements before they enter the United States. So, if you are traveling to the US for the first time, you do need to consider all the legal formalities and travel guidance which are necessary to confirm your entry into the US.

Indianapolis has many things to offer you to do both in a formal and informal way, but respect is the part of the city. You cannot visit all places as some of the places and areas are restricted just because of their historical significance.

Therefore, in this article, we will guide you about some of the amazing things you should do, while visiting Indianapolis.

First, here are a few things you need to consider before you travel to Indianapolis:

What you need before you go to Indianapolis

While you apply for a tourist visa, you need to provide your updated information so that you fulfill all the legal requirements of your entry into the United States.

However, if you are traveling from a country which is listed under the Visa Waiver Program of the US, then you will need different documents to apply for the ESTA travel authorization.

So, if you are ready to travel to Indianapolis, then make sure that you fulfill all these requirements. While you have understood the difference between ESTA and visa, now take a look at some of the exciting places you should visit in Indianapolis.

Things you should do in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is the most populous city in Indiana State and the capital city of the state. The city offers various recreational activities to travelers.

Whether you are a young boy or you have a family with lots of kids, Indianapolis has something different for each one of you. So, get ready for doing some fun in Indianapolis. Here are some places you must visit in this city:

1. Monument Circle

The monument circle lies in the center of the city. It seems like all the activities in Indianapolis revolves around its monument circle. You can enjoy a large number of festivals and events which take place every day and night around the monument circle.

The monument circle is beautifully lit to attract visitors. You can also enjoy the 360-degree view of the skyline around the circle.

2. Indianapolis Zoo

Do you want to give your kids an amazing sight? If yes, then do visit Indianapolis Zoo during your tour, and you will not regret it for sure.

Home to the International Orangutan Center, the Indianapolis Zoo offers an attractive sight to the visitors. You can interact with orangutans through interactive touch screens placed in the zoo. Besides, you must visit the Dolphin Pavilion in the Ocean building and watch Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.

3. Indianapolis Museum of Art

If you are looking for some historical artifacts and masterpieces of arts, then do visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The museum displays 54,000 works of arts from America, Europe, and Africa.

You will get an amazing sight of these historical things. You can also participate in events and exhibitions if you are lucky enough to get one while you visit the museum.

4. Lockerbie Square

One of the beautiful and mind attracting elements in Lockerbie Square is its architecture, linked with Queen Anne and Italianate style. You can find it amazing to walk around the Square while watching 25 historic houses, built between 1855 and 1930.

Besides, James Whitcomb Riley museum house is one of the houses in which a well-known poet lived for more than 23 years. The house clearly depicts graceful Victorian architecture and furnishing as well.

5. The Tamale Place

So, when it comes to delicious food especially Mexican one, you should eat at the Tamale Place which serves genuine Mexican food items. You should eat there just because the Tamale Place still use the traditional way to prepare their food items.

Traveling in the city, you cannot find any place like Tamale Place just because it is managed and family maintained a place where you can even arrange your special events like birthdays, ceremonies, etc.

Traveling to the US is like a dream come true for tourists. However, you need to harness yourself with the legal documents and requirements of traveling. For this purpose, you should check the underlying criteria of your travel in case you need an ESTA. Otherwise, you can travel with a visa, which is the basic formality of your travel to the US.