Modern society takes an incredible toll on our mental health, spiritual wellbeing, and our relationship with our inner self that only we can ever get to know.

No matter how hard we try to meditate, do our yoga practice, and practice mindfulness when living in urban environments, we sometimes simply need to take a break, go on a soul-searching retreat, and reconnect with ourselves again.

heal your soul

image source: Pixabay

Here are six spiritual places you should choose as your next destination to recharge your soul:

1. Bali, Indonesia

Those who have visited Bali claim it is home to incredible energy.

If you’re looking for a yoga or a meditation retreat, any one of the countless options offered on Bali will be the right choice. You will also have a chance to explore this glorious island, take hikes, walks, cooking classes, yoga classes, spiritual sessions, and the list goes on. All in all, it’s a place to get back to yourself more than you ever could back home.

2. The Way of St. James, Spain

The Camino de Santiago has been walked by pilgrims for centuries, and today it is the home of many travelers doing some soul searching out on the road.

With routes starting in France, Spain, Portugal, and England, you can head out to Santiago de Compostela from basically anywhere, and join one of the well-walked routes leading to this sacred city.

You can choose to walk on your own or in a group. Either way, all that fresh air, the gorgeous surroundings, and the restorative meals at one of the hostels will help you see the present from a different perspective and take your mind off the everyday worries that plague you back home.

3. Rishikesh, India

India is home to amazing yoga retreats as well, and no other location is as famous as Rishikesh. There are dozens of retreats you can join, and you will certainly be able to find a class that accommodates your level.

You can choose something very simple and basic, and focus on the ashram itself, or you can enjoy a more luxurious retreat – all depending on what you’re looking for.

And of course, you’ll be able to enjoy the walks and hikes in nature and visit some of the magnificent local temples.

4. Southern France

If you’re looking for a culture-filled, glorious soul-searching solo adventure where you can enjoy historical cathedrals, quaint villages, amazing meals, and some of the best wine in the world, then the South of France is where you should be heading.

Who says that healing your soul has to be all about yoga and meditation? If you’re the kind of person who would much rather go on an adventure alone, this should be your choice. You can literally spend each night in a different village, enjoy the scenery, the sunshine, and the local products, allowing yourself time to slow down and enjoy life to the fullest.

5. Stillpoint Lodge, Alaska

If you want to isolate yourself from the world, then the Stillpoint Lodge in Halibut Cove could be the answer to your prayers. There are yoga and meditation classes available, but you will also enjoy exploring the wilderness of nature that surrounds it.

You may also want to try paddleboard yoga out there if you want to dress up warmly and give your routine a bit of a challenging twist.

Wildlife is also one of the draws of the Lodge, so you can expect to spot a lot of otters and seals here, as well as to enjoy freshly caught mussels and oysters.

6. Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is believed to be the home of some incredibly healing energy, and it was once home to the Sinagua Indians. Today, it attracts those looking for an alternative vibe, and those interested in holistic therapy and spiritual teaching.

Even if you’re not into that new age wave of healing, you can go to Sedona simply to enjoy some of the most wonderful sunsets in the world, spend time outdoors in the glory that is nature, and forget all about your bothers.

No matter where you choose to go to heal your soul, remember that the power of healing travels with you – your destination is there merely to help matters come along and to give you the perspective to focus on what’s truly important. If you remain negative and grumpy, all the yoga and meditation in the world won’t help. So make it a priority to relax, open up your mind and heart, and embrace what these destinations have to offer.