An interviewer, on a daily basis, goes through several candidates probably for the same post. And there is no dearth of talent in the market. So if you are one from that pool of talent, what differentiates you as a probable candidate for the final recruit? How do you make it significant to the interviewer that you are cut above the rest?

In general, other than the routine skill-test questions, the interviewer also asks in the end “Do you have any questions?“. And this is the question of opportunity for you. Other than triggering your general queries regarding the organization’s HR policy, Organizational hierarchy, etc., you get an opportunity to show case the kind of hunger you have for the particular position or the effort or homework you have had done before you appeared for the interview. Use this opportunity to throw some thought provoking questions that reflects your maturity and vision as an individual.

This infographic showcases seven top questions, shared by a dozen of hiring managers, that were asked by the candidates who got the job.


Source: careerbliss