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    Vasanth G.

    Mark Twain once said, “the two most important days in your life is the day you are born and the day you find out why”. Well, I have taken birth and now I am midst of finding the reason between the RPMs of my bullet and “f-stops” of my camera. I yearn to set up a shack in the backyards of the Himalayas and live a hermit’s life. I was bitten by the travel bug about a decade ago when I befriended my ride, The Messiah and from then on, each ride has been a quintessential lesson in life. Luckily, my better half shares my passion for travelling and often excuses my filial obligations in order to satiate my wanderlust. As far as riding a bike is concerned, here’s what I feel-On two legs, I am just an ordinary guy in an ordinary world. But on two wheels, I am an explorer, wanderer, adventurer, traveller, a nomad, etc., etc. And the world is exciting, thrilling, adventurous, beautiful, inspiring etc., etc. Water streams on the road are no longer meant to wet my feet but to push my adrenalin to new levels. Rain does not make me run for cover instead welcomes me with open arms. Sun doesn’t extract sun blocks but provides a hard earned tan. Distances are no longer measured in kilometres but in experiences. Spare the two legs, spoil the two wheels. You will see a different world. The world will see a different you.

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