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Jack Morris was a carpet cleaner for 5 years. He never went to college. At 17, just after his schooling, he took up a job. He was also obsessed with skateboarding. He left his native Manchester in 2012. And since then he has been traveling. As of today, he has backpacked to more than 45 countries across the globe. And still counting.

Into the jungle 🐒

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Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen, are currently based in Bali together since a year. They met in Fiji in 2016 and have been living together in the Indonesian island since then. As of today, they together(Jack | Lauren) have more than 4Million Instagram followers.

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They have a job that every social media savvy of the Generation Instagram would want! They have been moving around the world; posting exemplary photos on their account. Not only that, they charge a minimum amount of $3000 for each one of their sponsored posts! Tourist companies and other brands have been showering them with money just to get one post done from them. As reported by Daily Mail, the most he has been paid for one sponsored Instagram post is $11,846 and Lauren, $9,872.

That time we hung out up above Jaipur 🕌

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DoYouTravel, Jack’s official website held a Q&A a few months back in which Jack gave some tips that you sure would want to make a note of, in case you’re planning to take their path!

Reportedly, they travel to at least one country a month, which is fully sponsored given the kind of money they’re making!

Never been so happy ☘︎

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Their adventures around the globe are major goals for the youngsters and the internet is crushing on their life!