There is Reiki. There’s Yoga. There’s Music Therapy. There’s a desperate quest for peace in this chaotic world, and a fair amount of soul-searching as well. The universe continues to function its way, but have you ever thought where you stand and how you would handle your problems?

Well, here comes the age-old Buddhism!

buddhisim bodh gaya

Buddhism not only teaches you valuable lessons, which everyone who has studied his History Text thoroughly in school, is aware of but also leads you to happiness by helping you lead a life in a whole new way. Lord Buddha or for that matter, any God from any religion, never force anyone to sacrifice or accept a particular religion. But one can easily let go of vices such as ego and jealousy, and overcome pain and suffering with the help of Buddhism.

Lord Buddha had attained enlightenment post sacrificing all worldly pleasures and after years of meditation under the Bodhi Tree in Gaya. The biggest problem with us human beings is that we want to be selfish and get the best of everything, believing that can help us be happy and attain peace. But it’s a fact that spreading love, expressing compassion and being content with what you have, is the only way you can be positive and seek the genuine joy within you. Materialism may give you riches, but not the true wealth of happiness.

In this world filled with dissatisfaction, insecurity, materialism, crime, heartbreaks, sorrow and negativity, we all want to naturally be at peace. And Buddhism plays a huge role in helping to cleanse your soul of negative emotions and all things evil, and thereby, attain peace and enlightenment. For instance, meditating for a long time or at least 10-15 minutes every day is good for both your mind and body. If Lord Buddha can attain enlightenment through years of meditation, we surely can lead a healthy life and attain a calm and controlled frame of mind by meditating as much as we can.

Desire is the root cause of evil. Hence, we must try and follow the Middle Path or the Eightfold Path of Buddhism. In this Documentary by MSN Karthik, we discover the journey of Lord Buddha and realize the true value of this religion from what people and travelers from all over the world have to say. We also get to see the 80 feet tall statue of Gautama Buddha and the beautiful Mahabodhi Temple in this wonderful documentary film – Bodh Gaya: The Seat of Enlightenment, which earned the position of the semi-finalist in two prestigious international film festivals.

Have an enlightening watch!

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