Do the Rex. Attractive, bold and subtle all at the same time. And it is the most popular ad in town that promotes sexual safety and talks about one of the most taboo topics in our country. Here are the reasons why you should watch it and share it because really, what’s not to like?

#Glam Quotient

By signing on Ranveer Singh to endorse condoms, Durex has made a conscious choice to up the glamour quotient that the product deserves. The video has definitely increased the brand’s so called street credit. By defining the overall image of the company as ‘fun’ and approachable, this advertisement is less a promotion and more an item song of sorts.

#Non Preachy Take At Safe Sex

A youth icon, Ranveer Singh strikes a chord with the youth while stealthily addressing the issue of premarital sex. While not overtly promoting it, the ad definitely does not condemn it. Premarital sex is the modern truth that many have a hard time accepting and this ad is a step towards the same. This is probably why the advertisement has faced critique in certain circles.

But premarital or not, the underlying trope of the dance number is the usage of condoms and safety while indulging in sexual intimacy.

#The Rap, The Music & The Works

Ranveer belting out a rap with fast paced beat music. What more does one really want? Though one can say that it has unabashedly objectified men and women, I would still consider this a step that at least celebrates sex as an exhilarating experience and acknowledges its existence.

#Bollywood Masala Galore

The advertisement feels like a gaggle of exciting things vying for your attention. A refreshing change from all other condom ads that focus primarily on the act of sex, this advertisement goes one step ahead and holds up the elation that is felt after. Typical Bollywood.

With a stage set up with lights and using sexual innuendoes to make the watcher laugh, this video is an absolute pleasure to watch. Pun intended.

#Signature Step

Literally, Do the Rex. Reminiscent of a certain step by one of the characters on F.R.I.E.N.D.S, this is a happy and easy step that sneakily enough uses pelvic thrusts. This might sound immature and laughable but then again, is sex not the most awkward act? If you cannot laugh at it then you cannot enjoy it. Maybe put in a Rex step to jazz it up?

#Hinglish Ahoy!

Not targeting a select crowd, the ad is presented to the viewer in a mish mash of Hindi and English. Having written, sung , rapped and danced to this song, Singh has managed to capture the imaginations of the multifaceted social media generation.

“I Love It, This Feeling,
It’s Crazy Ye Kyaa Nasha Hey, Par,
Zhalim Zamaana Kahe,
Mohabbat Ek Saza Hai”

#A Spoof Already!

If all of these are not enough for you, then Poonam Pandey *snigger* has released a spoof of the same digital video. If you did like the original piece, we are sure this one will not float your boat. Quite expectedly, the lady brings to you everything that is wrong with the idea of sex in mainstream society.

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