Being “the boss” is the epitome of everyone’s professional dreams. It would seem, that from the outside looking in, that being an entrepreneur and calling all the shots, life would be a synch. The truth, however, is that running a business is hard. To keep up with the challenges, defy the odds, and beat out the competition, it takes a very diverse set of skills. Below, is a look at qualities that contribute to the success of entrepreneurs today.

Entrepreneurial success

1.  Visionary

Every business started off as an idea or vision that a hopeful entrepreneur had. To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be able to visualize your dreams and turn them into actionable goals that help you to build a strong brand. They can see the big picture and work towards it but have the patience and wisdom to know that getting there takes careful planning, innovative ideas, and effort.

2.  Risk Taker

Ask any accomplished entrepreneur about taking risks and they’ll tell you it comes with the job description. If you’re going to be successful in what you do, you must be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and take risks. Though these risks should not be taken without careful thought, a good business owner knows when to jump head first at opportunities and when to wait it out.

3.  A Good Investor

If you want your business to grow you will have to invest in it. A good entrepreneur is aware of this and is willing to make investments for the betterment of the company. Whether investing in services like marketing or accounting or deciding to invest in another business or product, a successful entrepreneur knows the importance of making investments that will help advance their brand.

4.  Humility

Stubbornness and cockiness get some entrepreneurs in trouble. As they try to take on the weight of the world by themselves even if there is help available. When it comes to things like investing, marketing, accounting, and information technology, an accomplished business owner is humble enough to reach out to others for assistance. For instance, an entrepreneur who wants to invest, but isn’t sure about a specific market would look to pioneers who have been successful before them to provide guidance, such as Shailesh Dash, a successful financial advisor, to help manage their portfolio. They understand that these facets of business play a vital role in their success and know when what’s best for the business goes beyond their level of expertise.

5.  Time Management

Time is one thing entrepreneurs wish they had more of. Those who have been in business for a while, however, know that time is money and continually look for ways to maximize it. They have set up systems and utilize tools that will help them to streamline business processes. Whether it means delegating tasks, creating to-do lists, managing a calendar, or hiring outside help to free up their plate, an entrepreneur that want’s to be fruitful will figure out how to get the most out of a workday.

6.  Effective Communicator

Building a business is all about communication and building connections. To win as an entrepreneur, you must be an effective communicator. This means you possess the ability to not only clearly and precisely speak to others, but that you also know how to effectively listen. From communicating with staff and colleagues to customers and shareholders, anyone who wants to master business needs to communicate effectively.

7.  Disciplined

To achieve your goals in business, you must be disciplined. An unfocused entrepreneur remains stagnated and distracted by outside hindrances and obstacles. Accomplished owners know the value of discipline, of setting their sights on their vision and ensuring that they’re taking steps every day towards reaching their goals. They aren’t afraid to remove distractions and will remain vigilant despite the obstacles that come their way.

8.  Confident

Self-doubt is often a factor in the defeat of hopeful entrepreneurs. They have a vision and want to see it through, but aren’t confident in their ability to succeed. Self-doubt drives fear which stunts growth. An owner that is doing well doesn’t question their abilities to flourish. They are confident that no matter how long it takes, they will be fruitful in the end.

9.  Competitive

The small business market is saturated these days as technology makes it easier for everyday citizens to turn their passions into a career. In other words, the competition is stiff. If you’re going to make it in the industry, you must be ready for a little competition. Entrepreneurs who have made it in the business are competitive. They are willing to go the extra mile to put their brand out in front of others. They understand that sometimes they may lose or fall short, but their competitive nature drives them to pick up and start anew.

10.  Hard Working

Though it may appear as though the boss lives the high life, entrepreneurs wear many hats. A business cannot be successful if you’re only putting forth half the effort. A hard-working professional, however, understands this and is willing to put in the hours to get it done. Whether they’re working 10-15-hour days, constantly traveling, completing several job responsibilities, or out there reeling in new prospects, an entrepreneur who wants to succeed will work hard – even after achieving their goals.

11.  Patient

The road to entrepreneurial success is not an easy one. There are a lot of bumps in the road to getting to your dreams. A true business professional understands the territory that comes with being on your own. Though they are hopeful and anxious for a fruitful future, they know that patience is a virtue they need to travel this difficult journey.

From the outside looking in, it would appear as though anyone who had a great idea could start a business and be successful. However, the truth is, that it takes more than just a good idea to make it. To truly master running a business, you must possess an array of qualities. Though there are a lot of businesses out there today, the ones that are most accomplished are those that are backed by an owner who is a visionary, risk taker, good investor, humble, manages their time, communicates effectively, disciplined, confident, competitive, hardworking, and of course, patience.