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Ever wonder why bedrooms are painted blue or green and not yellow or orange. It’s because these two colors are the healers in the pantheon of colors. Yellow and orange make you active, not sleepy.

This is just one simple example to illustrate the importance of colors in your life. Colors add zing to your life, they affect your mood and your kidneys too.

Color As Medicine

Did you know that if a person, suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure, swims in a blue swimming pool, his blood pressure lowers naturally? Or that if a person wears red socks all day, he goes to bed with warm feet, but if he wears black socks, he goes to bed with cold feet.

The healing modality which uses colors to treat illnesses is called Colour Therapy or Chromotherapy.

It’s practiced in different ways- it can be practiced by applying colored light to your eyes, skin and the various Chakra or energy points in your body.

How Does Color Therapy Work?

According to the Director of ‘The Wagner Institute for Color Research in California’, Carlton Wagner, “The body’s endocrine system reacts powerfully to a specific color because of the neurotransmitters in the brain.” For example, red excites your brain neurotransmitters and these, in turn, stimulate your adrenal glands to pump adrenaline, making your body ready for action.

Each Color Affects A Different System Of Your Body


The color red makes your body ready for action. It’s also used when your general vitality is low or blood circulation is poor. Red also increases appetite, so go slow in using red for decorating the dining area in your home if you are planning to lose weight.

It can also stimulate joy, happiness, and love emotionally. Don’t use this color around people who are angry or stressed or suffering from a mental health issue as it has the quickest effect on emotions.


The color orange is nourishing and energizing. Look around, and you’ll find that a number of fruits and vegetables are also orange or orange-red. Always pick them up as they are full of nourishment.


Yellow is also a high-energy color and one that is therapeutic to the highest degree. Orange and yellow, both create a laxative effect and stimulate the elimination of body wastes and are also used to cleanse the kidneys by therapists.


Green is the king of healing. It is also peaceful, soothing and cool. Stressed out new moms, please note-this is your color.


Blue is also a de-stressor and in addition, it also reduces pain, inflammation, and infection. It is very helpful in treating depression. It’s used in the rooms of violent criminals as well as children suffering from attention deficit disorder or ADD.


Pink also has a powerful sedative effect. It is also used to relax muscles and take out the kinks from your connective tissue. It’s very useful in geriatrics, behavioral and family therapy.


Black color can lead to depression. White, on the other hand, elevates mood and lifts depression.

So, if you want to be healthy, stay away from too much black. Use blue and green in your home, especially if you are hypertensive or get angry fast.

Be happy and live healthy – add more colors to your life!

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative. Before any therapeutical use, please consult a certified medical or healthcare professional.