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Winter is the season of fashion and the best part is that you don’t sweat. This makes the dressing in cozy layers way too easy!

To feel comfortable inside and look beautiful outside is something we all want. While people happen to give us loads of winter advice- what to wear and not to wear, this list will definitely help you to fight all kinds of fashion woes.

The joy of dressing is no less than an art and in Kenzo Takada’s words, Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.

To help you combat chilly temperatures in style, we have picked up some interesting outfits that will make other turn heads when you step out of your home.


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Year is over already 😩 Any plans for the next year?

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VÁY kèm khăn choàng, chất dạ polyester Mã: DEC138 Giá: #375K SIZE: CD 112, Ngực 89, CD tay 55, Vai 38 Màu: Xanh than ___________________________________________________________________________ 📌 Order không có sẵn 🛬 Hàng về sau 6-12 ngày ⏱ Chốt order trong vòng 24h 📦 Đặt hàng cmt hoặc direct để được tư vấn 📮 Cọc trước 50 – 100% (Bill <=300K k cần cọc) ❌ Không đổi trả, huỷ đơn 💌Hỗ trợ up hàng lên shopee để được trợ giá ship 📷Nhận tìm hàng theo ảnh. @Yu.order #yuorder #koreanstyle #korea #stylekorea #style #fashionista #fashion #ordertaobao #trend2018 #trend #order #ootd #koreanfashion #ulzzang #newstyle #newfashion #taobao #newclothing #winterfashion2018 #winterfashion #dresss #dresses👗 #dresses #fashiongirl

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What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness ❄️

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💜 #jessiejyu

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It’s amazing how professional an amateur model can look.

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Time to shop, ladies!