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Ever since I was a kid, I loved going to National parks with my family. The ability to get away from modern-day reality and enjoy nature and appreciate its beauty, see wild animals in their habitat, and to experience something special in the outdoors.

I have researched and come up with some great tips to allow apps to work for you. They can help you by finding better ways to explore National parks, get more information about the animals and vegetation and loads of information to enhance your trips.

Top apps for National Parks.

But keep reading on to get ideas and more tips about finding an app that increases your personal experience in the outdoors. 

travel app for national parks

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Get answers and start your vacation off right

In a world that focuses on increasing industrialization and decreasing the number of forests and natural habitats, National parks are reserved for conserving the life of the animals and plant life indigenous to the area. It is a place where people can still go and see a glimpse of what the natural world would look and feel like without too much influence from humans. Ready to head out to a National park and enjoy the peace and balance of nature? Then read further to find an app that will make your experience better and lets you get there. 

If you are new to the idea of going to a National park or not sure what to expect, download an app that gives you a general overview of National parks or even learn about a specific park nearby or one you have always wanted to visit. I would highly suggest Zion National Park in Utah, there are difficult hikes there, but there are also very relaxed walks with loads of wildlife and an array of mountain accommodation. Once you have decided on a park and researched it a bit, it would be a good idea to look into an app that provides you details on how to get there and if there is a need to book transport in advance.

If you are starting to plan your first camping vacation to Yellowstone National Park. It would be best to start with an app that is focused on novice park goers and campers. These will explain all the basics about services in each area of the park and each campsite, and even give you advice on how long you should plan your camping trip. Apps like this should also tell you what kind of activities you can expect to enjoy, what to bring, what to be aware of, and general advice for beginners in the park. 

Since you are planning a trip to go and enjoy the beautiful outdoors, it would be very wise for you to have a good weather app on hand. Sometimes the weather can change quickly in wide-open places and being alerted to incoming weather could save you from a ruined trip caused by an unforeseen nasty storm. 

Tools for exploring

Today, our smartphones and all their resources are just as important as a flashlight or multi-purpose tool to the avid camper. You can download so many apps with information and guides to not only make your life easier but also fill you with more knowledge than you would have without it. If you are eager to hike through National parks or which parks are perfect for canoe trips, you can download apps that will offer GPS maps of hiking trails or where you can drop in and out of the river or lake with your canoe. These apps will guide with lots of practical information and give you advice specific to the areas you are looking at adventuring. 

If you prefer the more relaxed, front row seat approach and would rather stay comfortably by the lake and watch the world go by, maybe look into renting an SUV or camper. Download an app that gives you options to what you can rent depending on family size and level of comfort required to enjoy your holiday. 

It’s also a great idea to look into a trip planning and organizing app. If you want to rough it and camp and cook the whole time, listing all the food you have will keep you from running out and help you track what you have available. Some of these come in a printable form which would be great to have so you can check off what you use. A planning app can also keep in order the places you want to go or things you want to see, getting you out there and enjoying instead of researching in your camping chair. 

Conservation is Love

If you are looking to do more than a vacation, if you are wanting to join the effort in helping out wildlife sanctuaries or parks with conservation foundations, download an app that gives you more details on different parks and what they do to combat the danger our planet is in. It’s no secret that we have been responsible for most of the damage to our planet and natural resources, so if you want to make a difference look into parks like Glacier National Park and see what you can do to help. 

Look for an app that gives you a trustworthy list of non-profit organizations. You should be able to find their contact information, working hours, and ways you can help them out. Pay attention to what kind of organizations you are researching, some may be focused on regional or national issues while others will cover the international issues we are facing. 

There are some notable non-profits out there like the National Park Foundation, Glacier National Park Conservancy, and Yellowstone Wildlife sanctuary that deal specifically with issues of industrialization and devastation of wildlife habitats. Don’t just visit a National park, but be involved by downloading an app that keeps you in the know about these organizations and how you can help them, even in a small way, to achieve their goals. 

National parks are a small part left of the full beauty this land once was. Enjoy it to the fullest and explore with friends and family. But also keep in mind we need to do our part in protecting it for the next generations to come. Use these apps and ideas to help you learn more about these beautiful places, where you want to go, what you want to see and do, and how you can help it stay as incredible as it is.