As said, life is about our mindsets. The idea to live life with positive or negative energy depends solely on our mindsets. There are two types of mindsets hovering around us all the time – one is our FIXED mindset which can be positive or negative depending on our circumstances, other one is our GROWTH mindset which is only positive and keeps us pushing towards change. The most hurting part of our life is that we stick to FIXED mindsets so much that we hardly get time to shift to GROWTH mindsets. 3 years back, when I started feeling so much for my country, my mindset made me choose IAS(Indian Administrative Services) as my only mission. I could see the problems that our country was facing (which exists even today) and wanted to reform the system one day.

The idea behind cracking ‘IAS’ was simple; it would give me a platform to be a part of bureaucracy and policy making. I was madly fond of it and left no stone unturned collecting all the study material, searching internet, talking to teachers, making my mind-set. I was eagerly waiting for my graduation to get over so that I devote my full time to prepare it. Gradually, it became my FIXED mindset. I couldn’t think of anything else than clearing IAS one day and enter into the line of elite officers. Though the goal behind my mindset wasn’t bad but was it right what I was planning?

Many times, our FIXED mindsets are not bad or negative but they don’t just let us grow and explore life.


What make us change our mindset and move towards growth?

There are many things happening around us all the time that changes our mindsets. Although we may claim to be firm on our thinking but life always have other plans and you never know, when you’re thinking gets changed.

As I mentioned above, that we get so loyal to our FIXED mindset that we hardly get time to think beyond it. But many times, certain things happen in our lives which forces us to shed that FIXED mindset and move to GROWTH part. A year back when writing became my life, I had to think on my decision of being an IAS. No doubt, my love for my country remains the same but my ideas weren’t to enjoy the incentives of being an officer rather reform the system. I was provoked to re-think on my decision since writing was (will be) what I knew or could do.

I was confused but my FIXED mindset wasn’t letting me to shed the idea of being an IAS and reforming system. My heart and mind was battling to find a way where I don’t have to leave writing and join policy making as well. And the idea came; I decided to integrate my writing career with politics. Although it was weird and I couldn’t digest it for some days but it was all I wanted. After days of battling with the aim to reform system and continue writing, I decided that I can easily be part of the system through my words.

India might have innumerable officers but there is still need for writers who are neutral to governance and have the capabilities to bring change through their words. Finally, I had to change my FIXED mindset to Growth mindset. My growth mindset is helping me to explore more, learn more and think more.

Is GROWTH mindset important?

Many may wonder, what is the fun of having a GROWTH mindset?  In life, we suffer due to our poor mindsets. Today, our country is facing so many backlogs in diverse areas and the sole reason behind every menace is the poor mindset that doesn’t let us grow. No law, no authority can help in making country develop by shedding all the issues until the mindsets change. Hence, GROWTH mindset is essential to lead life qualitatively and bring a change as well.

Since changes are part of life so people must work on reforming their mindsets. A good mindset can only help us to grow, learn and live in a positive way.

Finally, I am happy about my GROWTH mindset and working towards achieving my goals. You can feel the difference in your life once you shift from FIXED mindset to GROWTH mindset.

“All what we think, is what we are, our thoughts are everything” – LORD BUDDHA