With all the business people preoccupied with search engine optimization and reaching Google’s first page, modern man has apparently forgotten to optimize his or her personal life. Essentially, we have forgotten how to be happy and enjoy life to the max. That is why we humans must (re)optimize our lives to allow for happiness to have a place next to success.

After all, what good is it being at the top of the world if we are feeling down on the inside? Achieving this fine balance is by no means easy but if we stay focused all the way, it becomes possible to attain the work-happiness equilibrium. Before all, we must free our mind and the rest will follow, as the song goes.

happy and successful

source: Pixabay

What matters the most

Firstly, you need to create a list of things that matter the most to you in life and that are worth fighting for. This also means that you need to eliminate all the negativities to have time for the activities you truly injury in. Even the most trivial of situations count, such as your favorite sport. If all your mates love playing football but unlike them, you’re a basketball fan, then let them know it. Start rejecting their invites for football or even better; invite them to a game of hoops.

No pain, no gain

“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph” once wrote Thomas Paine. The same principle can be attributed to most joys in life as you shouldn’t dabble with short-time pleasures. True happiness entails a good deal of suffering and unless you go through it, you will never feel happy. You need to set long-term goals both in private and professional life and learn to fight to get them. This might prove to be an uphill battle but the ultimate prize will prove satisfactory, promoting the feeling of true happiness and even bliss.

Getting out of the comfort zone

A person cannot truly advance in any manner if they keep doing the same things over and over. Yes, you know how to drive a car and would never think of getting on one of those motorbikes but are sure will fall off them? Go back to the days you were learning to ride the bike and just remember how many times you crashed or had a near-death experience. Today, riding a bicycle is a walk in the park but only because you learned this skill the hard way. If you aspire to lead an extraordinary life, you need to step out of your comfort zone as of today! The chances are you won’t fall nor injure yourself but you will learn to trust yourself and gain additional self-confidence.

An escape from negativity

Sometimes thinking positive does not do the trick because of all the negativity in the world around us. It is hard to look at the bright side of life if we injure ourselves at work. However, even such somber scenarios don’t have to be entirely bad if we are prepared for them. We can contact injury solicitors to get the workers compensation that the employer owes us. This is the perfect example of how being prepared for all eventualities can help us escape negativity, regardless of how dire it is. Staying positive and being prepared are on their own enough to fight off all the bad things that happen to us in life.

The biggest investment you’ll ever make

If you’re in the business of investing, perhaps in real estate or shares, then you know that in order to make money you first have to invest money. The same principle goes for happiness; how can you expect to go anywhere in life if you’re too emotionally stingy to invest in yourself. Start with little things, like enrolling in master’s studies or getting a gym membership. Indulge your every wish and don’t be afraid to take the first step. You can go to a football match abroad you’ve always wanted to part of or attend a professional development seminar to meet new people. You choose the event and activity and you pay for it; that’s how things should work from now on.

It’s a one-man race

Humans by nature like to look up to other people and compare themselves to their peers. Although there is nothing inherently bad in this practice, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. Before you know it, an office rivalry turns into a trigger for depression and anxiety. Instead of constantly comparing yourself to others, try to adopt mindful habits that will help you achieve happiness for yourself without involving other people. The only people that you should care for are your friends and family who are always there to show their support.

The first step to achieving a healthy balance between work and happiness in your life is the acceptance that such a feat is possible. Once you are confident enough that you can optimize your daily tasks, you will become one step closer to being truly happy in life with a rich career behind you.