Financial gyan has been doled out rationally, psychologically, sociologically even emotionally. Let me try to discuss it mythologically!

Firstly Why Take Advice?

Because we are living in the area of super specialties. There are a thousand nitty-gritties in every field and people who have mastered them know them best. When we listen to detergent powders and their theorizing about the best way to wash clothes, the complex and very important field of finances definitely needs a lot more attention and respect. An expert will point you in directions you never knew existed and will show you ideas you never conceived of. Or simply may show you the obvious you are ignoring. Point being they will reduce wastage, increase utility and add value.


Why Choice Of An Advisor Is Crucial?

The famous epic of Mahabharata has answers to many questions of day to day life. Both sides of the legendary Kurukshetra Battlefield had the leaders taking advice and following it with all diligence. Difference lay in whose advice they took. While taking advice, it is very important to see the advisor’s motive clearly. Yudhistira or the Pandavas were following the advice of Krishna whereas the Duryodhana or the Kauravas were following the advice of Shakuni. Both advisors were brilliant strategists and brave men. Then where lay the difference? In their motives.

Shakuni was bent on avenging the wrong done to his sister as he saw her marriage to a blind man as an insult to her. Krishna was bent on seeing his cousins follow the righteous path. Without knowing any background this can be simply observed in the return they sought for giving advice.

Krishna sought devotion and obedience to aid him to do his work on this planet, of protecting the good, Shakuni sought nothing, as his purpose would be solved at the backend, by destruction.

If this message is to be translated to our topic, it would simply state, look for the revenue source of your advisor. If he lives on your fee, your goodwill is important to him, hence he will give you advice customized to you. If he lives on commissions then the product seller’s goodwill is important to him. He will advise you to buy products giving him the highest commissions.

Is Intent All That Is Required?

No, even well meaning advice can be erroneous. The person advising you needs to be well qualified and skilled in the field of Finances, analysis, personal finances and should be practical, sensible and quick. Above all he must be a person you like working with, this being a matter of a long term relationship, comfort level can’t be ignored.

So choose Krishnas and happily pay their fee knowing fully well that your interests are protected.